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5 reasons why you should play Ghost of Tsushima

24 may, 00:41


Japanese culture is a unique and authentic phenomenon. Some of its aspects may surprise you to the condition that you will scroll through them in your head for another day. Previously, the land of the rising sun was a closed state, and you could hardly learn anything interesting about it. Japan decided to spend this isolation from the outside world period on the creative development of ethnic originality. From here came the wonders of the island power already known to us. Over time, Japan more and more opened up to other countries, and thanks to globalization, every inhabitant of the Earth can acquaint himself with its abundant culture. Moreover, this unique country began to exert an extraordinary influence overall world through its creativity: literature, cinema, theater, art, etc.

The modern world is teeming with Japanese-made products, including comics, anime, and, of course, video games. Oriental developers have succeeded in the gaming industry, releasing cult games like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Final Fantasy. Ghost of Tsushima, which won the title of the game of 2020, can be put on a par with these popular products.

And if you are in doubt about whether it is worth delving into this virtual world of samurai and supernatural forces, then here are some reasons to do it right now.  


Of course, in this case, Japan has not abandoned the authenticity for which it is glorified throughout the world. The developers from the land of the rising sun decided not to deprive the game of the uniqueness it is famed for, creating an amazing and interesting storyline that will be able to make you fall in love with Japan. As mentioned above, everything related to this power is difficult for many to understand, let alone accept. And if you delve into the very origins of history, then feuds run deep. On these origins, the emphasis was placed. Nevertheless, the creators tried their best on the plot, which turned out to be intriguing and informative. Ghost of Tsushima has it all: samurai, rice fields, sensei, katanas, and sakura blossoms. In short, it’s hard to say what isn’t here.

The plot

All the cult relatives which inspired the developers to create the island of Tsushima were analyzed while creating process. For example, the events unfolding in the game it can be compared to The Witcher 3, where the storyline about foreign invaders is visible to the naked eye. Fans of tricky quests will find something to do in Ghost of Tsushima, as it offers gamers a huge variety of them. All characters are thought out to the core. The powerful hero Jin Sakai not only brings sadness and horror to the Mongol invaders but also causes the players to go through a lot of new emotions that tickle the nerves. However, the evaluation of the hero takes place against the background of his opponent. It is a false statement that Jin Sakai’s main goal is the Mongol horde of ill-wishers. Its main antagonist is rather an ambitious and talented general, who causes ambivalent feelings any gamer will come through. On the one hand, this is the enemy, and on the other hand, you can feel sympathy for this anti-hero, understanding all his motives and emotions. 


Sophisticated combat system

The combat mechanics of the game are very impressive, but at the same time difficult to master. The first-time users will face some challenges, so first, they will need to pump the skill. The expression “practice makes perfect” here is more appropriate here than ever. After honing the combat mechanics, it will be possible to easily understand the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, react quickly and skillfully, without giving the enemy any chance. In addition, the main character will have a considerable arsenal of weapons that will help him to win a battle. But again, it will be useless if you do not learn how to choose it correctly for each opponent and then apply it. Thanks to the variety of weapons, game fans will be able to experience numerous combat mechanics. Perhaps such a versatile game will help you hone your skills and become a master in other games that use some of the same combat techniques available in Ghost of Tsushima.

A feeling of realism

Maybe it’s because of the realism you simply cannot leave the game without spending a lot of time in it. No matter how much you are in it, you will still find something surprising or fascinating. The island’s authenticity is made with a scrupulousness that you’ve ever seen. In short, the developers took it quite seriously. For example, the music played in the game was recorded by the famous Japanese composer Shigeru Umebayashi, who was invited to the studio for this very purpose. In the course of the passage, the Ghost of Tsushima can show you gorgeous views you won’t be able to look away from. In general, the game took into account many of the natural phenomena including swaying leaves on trees and glimpses of the sun’s rays through the thick of greenery. The game perfectly conveys all the tragedy of the war, realistically depicting civilians who have become victims of Mongol heaps. If you are a fan of using screenshots of moments from your favorite game as wallpaper, then this game is for you.  

Real historical events

The creators of Ghost of Tsushima added real historical situations or locations of the era described in the game. Even the island named Tsushima exists. The story of the Mongol attack itself also looks quite plausible, although there were not so many pure Mongols in the original attack on Japan. In the real world, piles were made not by the Mongols, but by nationalities previously conquered by the Mongols assimilated into the empire. However, such small mistakes such mistakes can be forgiven for developers, because they affect neither the plot nor the game process.  

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