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Mobile games market analysis 2020

2 september, 22:45


A video game industry is a business which brings more than 65 billion USD per year. It is flourishing even during the growing financial crisis, and the game studios are having gigantic boosts across the board.

In 2019, the worldwide mobile game income developed to 68.5 billion USD. The development of this industry branch was impacted by a few basic components, making specialists accept that the numbers will proceed taking off this year. Newzoo gauges that by the conclusion of 2020, that number will reach 76.7 billion USD — a 12% increment.

Mobile Gaming Business Statistics

🎮 According to Sensor Tower, in the third quarter of 2019, out of the 792 thousand distributors on both App Store and Google Play, 108 thousand provided game distribution, and they belong to nearly 15% of all these publishers.

🎮 It is anticipated by App Annie that in the current year customers’ will spend 674 billion hours in their portable gadgets, which is 116 billion more in contrast to 2019. This increment has been brought by the significant rise of using the mobile devices for online gaming, as game studios continue to provide consumers with mobile-compatible adaptations of well-known games.

🎮 Nowadays, mobile games occupy about 33% of all app downloads, 74% of clients’ expenses, and 10% of all time spent through in-apps. It is an expectable fact, considering that almost 50% of mobile apps consumers play games.

The Increasing Consumption Of The Mobile Games

Currently, the mobile gaming sector keeps outpacing games for PC from the worldwide gaming market and by the end of 2022, the its global business income will get ahead of the PC gaming industry by 20%.


The 2020 year’s development is also influenced by a nervous and uncommon occasion. It is known that the world lives through the Coronavirus pandemic. Amid this troubling period, users spend their time playing games which turned into an implies of distraction from reality for numerous consumers. For this reason, one of the 2020-year development drivers in gaming is motivated by the pandemic-related restrictive measures.

The Influence Of The COVID-19 Restrictive Measures On The Mobile Games’ Consumption

The game sectors reached an engagement increment, but the most succeeded offshoot in this business became mobile gaming. 

How have the indicators of the mobile games market changed because of the Coronavirus?

There is some information collected from January to March, 2020, which is able to help to assess the pandemic impact on the mobile market. According to it, the average number of game apps downloads growth is 91% from January to March. At the same time, games for Android devices are clearly ahead of apps for iOS.

There are couple of grounds explaining the higher popularity of mobile games compared to PC-and-console games:

⭐️ Since 2/5 of the world’s population own smartphones, it is easier for them to start playing mobile games that are free instead of bothering themselves with downloading it to PC.

⭐️ Mobile games have become an alternative to computer clubs since their closure.

⭐️ The mobile application development process is less complex and therefore less prone to delays due to disruptions associated with COVID-19.

Newzoo considers the next possibility: the mobile gaming engagement will grow even faster because in most cases it doesn’t need to be paid. The study found that there are 2.6 billion consumers of mobile games this year; of which only 38% pay for it. Also, changes are expected after the worldwide epidemic – again, due to the ease of use.

Percentage Of People Involved In Mobile Games And Their Average Age

The following chart is a clear confirmation that the popularity of mobile games accounts for almost 50% of the worldwide market for this product. The mobile gaming income will constitute around $77 billion by the end of 2020.

There are some categories of games which attract the most attention of the consumers. The diagram shows engagement in different types of games.

After the time has elapsed, we can say that the age representation among players has broadened. Compared to the data of 2014, nowadays the average age of the mobile games consumer has increased by about 10 years. In the present days, it is approximately 36.3 years. According to demographic data provided by MMA Global, the age group of mobile game consumers from 16 to 24 years old is no more than 15%. At the same time, users over 45 make up the third part of players.

A Modern Period

The massive growth of the mobile gaming consumption was also influenced by providing the global population with 4G internet connectivity. The 5G internet connectivity will expand the engagement in the mobile games even further.

It is known that last year was the year when the idea of 5G was introduced. With the development of this type of connection in cloud gaming, 2020 is becoming a new era for mobile gaming. 

Cloud gaming will extend the diapason of games’ processes. It is unlikely that this new market stratum will turn common gamers into hardcore ones. Although by extending the run of conceivable gaming experiences and making more openness to conventional gaming titles, cloud arrangements are likely to make a contribution essentially to the value of this quickly developing showcase.

The technological breakthrough has also made its contribution into the development of the mobile entertainment games market. It is known that such technologies as augmented and virtual reality are now in continuous development. Sensor technology is constantly being improved. It goes without saying that this allows users to test these innovations on themselves. Nowadays consumers can deal with many effects that help them to dive deeper into the virtual world. This also includes realistic visual effects that help to feel like a direct participant in the action taking place in the game.

Looking at the current trends in the development of mobile games industry, it is quite clear that the explosive growth in popularity for this type of smartphone applications isn’t going to slow down any time soon.

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