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Heroes that are needed in Marvel’s Avengers

8 october, 16:23


New Marvel’s Avengers game has recently been released – the newest action-RPG from Square Enix, which tells the story of the “Earth’s Strongest Heroes” team – the Avengers. Comic and video game fans have warmly welcomed the new product, which combines quality action with thoughtful storytelling.

However, the game has one drawback that can be easily fixed – it has quite a few playable characters at the moment. For now, users can try on the roles of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, and Miss Marvel. The company already claims that it won’t stop supporting the game after the release, and announces the gradual addition of new superheroes, with Hawkeyeand Ant-Manbeing the first ones. But what about the rest of the Avengers? In the history of comics, most of the Marvel heroes managed to take part in this team at some time, so the developers have a wide choice. In this article, we’ve handpicked the characters that fans want to see on game screens the most.


The chatty mercenary has recently become a real “goldmine” for Marvel. Deadpool’sstories of bloody adventures have been attracting fans since the early 90s when the character debuted on the pages of comics. But his popularity skyrocketed after two R-rated films, which had a rather aggressive PR campaign. Immortal Deadpool can bring a lot of fun to the game – branded vulgar jokes, bright combat techniques, and a massive arsenal will find their fans. Moreover, the developers don’t need to “reinvent the wheel” – they can pick up ideas about gameplay mechanics and the implementation of the character’s abilities from the 2013 game of the same name from Activision.

Doctor Strange

Dr. Stephen Strange, a former neurosurgeon turned Supreme Sorcerer of the Earth, also has all the chances to appear in Marvel’s Avengers soon. The Doctor is quite popular among MCU fans, thanks to the phenomenal performance of Benedict Cumberbatch, and this fact alone is enough for him to be included in the character roster. However, the main “trait” of the Supreme Sorcerer is magic – bright and powerful. With its help, Strange can perform miracles of any caliber – from “banal” force fields or healing of allies to astral projections, time dilation, and opening portals to parallel dimensions. Such abilities can be a little hard to implement in the game, but if the creators give the in-game Doctor Strange at least some of his skills, there will be no limits to the fans’ joy.

Black Panther

A sad story is connected with this character –  Chadwick Boseman, who played the role of T’Challa in the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, died of cancer recently at the young age of 43. Because of this, Square Enix is ​​almost 100% likely to add the character in memory of the actor, as Epic Games previously did with Fortnite. However, even disregarding such news, Black Panther fully deserves its place in the Avengers. The King of Wakanda has an impressive skills arsenal – feline agility and acrobatics, increased strength, and, of course, an ultra-tech bulletproof Vibranium suit. If we add this to the ability to move along the walls and crush enemies into small pieces using claws, we get a character with a powerful combat system, capable of giving a hard time to anyone. We are waiting for the official announcement from the developers!

Ghost Rider

Don’t forget about the main symbol of the occult in Marvel – the Ghost Rider. The character has gone through a lot during its existence – the debut and rise of popularity during the 90s wave of antiheroes, gradual regress, two film adaptations of questionable quality, and a renaissance in recent years caused by the Cosmic Ghost Rider and Robbie Reyes. The Spirit of Vengeance boasts bright looks: spikes, hellfire, bike/muscle car, and a chain – what could be cooler? Only the ability to drive around the map on the Racer’s transport, tear opponents to shreds with a shotgun or a chain, and punish sinners in all other ways! It’s worth noting that Ghost Rider also has a lot of appearances in other games, so there should be no problems with implementation.


But they can occur with the last two characters on our list. Take Daredevil, for example. He is one of the oldest characters in Marvel comics – he’s been in the superhero business since the 1960s. During this time, he has gathered a whole army of fans, which is waiting for his debut in Marvel’s Avengers. It would seem that Daredevil doesn’t have mind-blowing abilities, like, for example, Doctor Strange, his abilities are quite “ordinary” by the superheroes’ standards – it is hard to surprise someone with martial arts combined with acrobatics and mastery of the nunchuck cane nowadays, however, there is one “but”. The whole point of the character is his blindness, which is replaced by extraordinary hearing acting as a radar. Daredevil can detect enemies at distances of up to a kilometer, detect lies due to changes in a person’s pulse, and much more. It is this blindness that is so difficult to implement in the game, but fans shouldn’t lose hope – the developers will come up with something.


The Quicksilver’ssituation is similar  – the character has many fans, but his abilities are quite hard to translate into virtual reality. His main power is supersonic speed, which in the right hands can turn Pietro Maximoffinto a formidable adversary. But how do you fit that into game mechanics, especially in multiplayer? Slow down the time of other players on the server when activating the Quicksilver’s abilities, or speed up Pietro himself to such an extent that the user can barely have time to react to the environment? Let’s leave this question to Square Enix.

Summarizing, Square Enix’s Avengers has endless potential for expansion, thanks to the rich comic history and modern technology that allows such variety. Players have to be patient and wait for the next announcements from the developer – after all, Marvel has confirmed long ago that it plans to launch its game universe using Avengers as a foundation, which means that there is a lot of fun things ahead of us!

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