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2 september, 22:41


Iron Man is one of the most recognizable Marvel characters. This modern pop culture superhero has many fans who are familiar with him thanks to the films and comics. But, despite his glory, the computer games industry has relatively recently managed to achieve his popularity in its field. Developer Camoslaj has created Iron Man for virtual reality. Now fans can feel Tony Stark’s armor power on themselves flying around the globe and completing different missions. Once the player immerses into this digital atmosphere he has every chance to experience the world-saving thrill.

While playing, one takes the known revenger role who has been something of a Marvel business card for years. With the Iron Man suit on, everyone plays with PlayStation control buttons and a PSVR headset that lets to dictate which way is better to fly. If tilting the controllers behind the gamer, he can rush forward, and the movement direction can be changed by adjusting the inclination angle of the arms and the gaze direction. Flying forward is intuitive, and it gives an amazing sensation that makes you believe in your superpowers.

To deeply feel like one of the powerful heroes on Earth, one needs to experience the Iron Man VR battle. The game provides access to a superhero weapons arsenal, it is possible with its help to shoot waves of drones and launch a missiles series at a confused enemy. Ferocious enemies can also be destroyed by merging various fight combinations that are unlikely to cease to amaze.

Most missions have to be performed in open areas. The player’s task is to achieve the desired result, while simultaneously fighting off the opponent attacks. Furious pivots adjustments can be disorienting to the player – controls can’t be extremely precise in physical pivots, so the only possible replacement is to use the manual pivot and camera adjust buttons, but this can destroy direct action presence sense, which the game should cause itself. Even when the player already begins feeling like a flying expert, he can still unexpectedly crash into walls, or in the better case to be less agile in battles among beams and pillars while fighting with experienced bosses. These confrontations can take more time than the player expects to spend.

Tony Stark is more than just Iron Man. He is also a complex man hiding behind an iron mask, who has to be kept under control amid missions. These sections require teleportation to travel between selected points in the surroundings. Since there is nothing more interesting in Stark’s mansion than Easter eggs and insignificant mini-games, the most precious time spending in his house can be wasted on setting up the armor. Earned mastery points can be used not only to update the appearance but also to open up some possible upgradings and boosts. These improvements range from a health regen and speed augment to a variety of modern super-weapons. In a time when the speed benefits aren’t particularly noticeable, the choice of weapon can make a huge difference in the game course and its outcome.

During all these battles, severely limited in-between moments, gamers are given a glimpse of Tony’s life, and to feel a struggle between the past arms dealer and the current hero of the world; Stark himself is trying to reconcile these two parallels of his life. These reconciliation consequences are reflected not only on his loved ones but also on people he has never seen in his life. This premise serves as the backdrop for the story as the supervillain Ghost attempts to revenge for those who were murdered with the weapons of Stark Industry using his hacking skills and high-tech suit. This onslaught on both fronts of Tony’s life leads to exciting situations and nice moments, even if the Ghost sidekick, Laser Alive, feels cut off from the cartoon.

Iron Man virtual reality might make big superhero fans just explode from the emotions. No one can resist the opportunity to try on a legendary costume and the ability to wipe out streams of enemies while feeling like a hardened superhero, soaring into battle and destroying the bad guys, and graceful flight controls can make players feel like a person who sneaked into Stark’s dressing room, stole it suits and put on without prior preparation.

This game is a wonderful adventure for Iron Man fans, which will help one to feel a little in his shoes. However, despite all its advantages, it still requires some improvements, because if they aren’t done, then gamers will have to feel the obstacles of the hero’s rise from the side of virtual reality.

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