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Old versions of Counter-Strike features, which are not in CS:GO

10 may, 00:08


Counter-Strike is the most popular first-person shooter, which is still well-known today despite its age. However, if you compare this legendary game with the rest of the games within the genre, you can say that CS is very conservative. The updates that are taking place are not as frequent and not as extensive as users sometimes expect. Nevertheless, since the shooter has occupied a stable position in the arena of computer entertainment for almost 21 years, updates have slowly but surely appeared.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that the game has gone through a lot of changes in two decades. The difference between the first and the last version of the game will be pretty impressive. It is not a secret that since the beginning of the 2000s, computer technologies have gained a frantic pace of development, thanks to which developers have the opportunity to create products with incredible graphics. However, it is not only about the appearance of cards, weapons, and soldiers. For almost a quarter-century, various elements have been improved and new ones have been added. Innovations often clashed with familiar and hackneyed details, so they had to get rid of the latter.

We invite those who remember the long development path of Counter-Strike to feel nostalgic and refresh their memory of some features of the old versions that do not exist in CS:GO. Undoubtedly, avid fans of the shooter now and then will think that it was better. Well, let’s remember how it was and decide which elements should have remained in the new version.

Night-vision device

The night vision system is the Counter-Strike element that hasn’t seen the Global Offensive era. It cannot be called the most important item in the game, since its use was limited to dark maps only. The players didn’t like spending money on it every round. Nevertheless, some artisans are ready to argue with this opinion. Some of them became the kings of the dark maps precisely because of the night vision device. The rest of the users rarely appreciated it at its true worth, which is why it got left behind.

Police shields

This item can be called a cheating thing. That is why its purchases were banned on many user servers. If in the era of computers with 512 MB RAM you enjoyed your favorite game in an Internet cafe, then you know very well that for using such a thing you could get the full treatment not only from the members of the opposing team but also from your comrades. So it’s not surprising that Valve eliminated shields that gave invulnerability to their owners. The only sad thing about it is the developers have failed to create an interesting alternative to this subject. Well, no matter how strong the hatred of almost every gamer for the police shield, it is still sometimes lacking for those loyal CS fans who had the opportunity to test it on themselves.


The hostage system in Counter-Strike Global Offensive is quite tolerant. This is a nice moment, characterized by simplicity. It is enough just to approach the hostage, load him on his shoulder and run with this load to the rescue center. On the other hand, the hostages were not just objects in need of help in previous versions, but also direct participants in what was happening on the battlefield (not of their own free will, of course). Before CS: GO, the liberation process was more interesting, and you could get some tactical advantage with its help. For example, gamers could use civilians as a human shield or as a partition for doors and aisles. Terrorists did not worry about the safety of the poor fellows at all, defending themselves from their saviors. Such versions of the game were less correct, but their success could be seen in the popularity of certain maps, which decreased noticeably in the latest version.

Buying ammo

If you are not one of those people who grew up with CS, then you will probably be surprised to learn that only one magazine of ammo came with the weapon. The rest had to be bought or carefully saved. Often at the time of buying cartridges, gamers had to play with melee weapons for the entire round since they had not other choice.


Users could try the function of personal graffiti from a large arsenal of drawings in the old times of computer clubs and Internet cafes. Of course, some rules still kept players from absolutely absurd and obscene art, but the limited range of images was negligible. We can only imagine what could have been painted on the walls of the map. Some masterpieces at the terrorist base could even distract the counter-terrorists from their main goal. This function remains in CS: GO. Although, it is more like a rudiment of the graffiti option. In the current situation, players can only use purchased drawings from a very small range of pictures.

Shooting through the walls

Maybe Counter-Strike gained such recognition because it was always making you stay alert. After all, the enemy cartridge could reach anyone, even under the skillful disguise. The point is that the fans started random shooting during the first seconds of the round. Some enthusiasts fired entire magazines of ammo blindly. And it was impossible to hide from these furious shots behind any wall since the bullets shot through all of them. It was an interesting element of the game, but highly unlikely one to appear in real combat. That is why Valve decided to make the firing function more realistic, making almost all surfaces unprotected. And although CS: GO fans will be able to tell you that even now this feature of the gameplay can be found quite often, earlier versions were famous for a much larger number of such places.

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