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Fortnite adds Neymar Jr. as a skin

27 april, 22:17


Epic Games continues to expand the range of available Fortnite skins. Yesterday the company announced Neymar Jr., one of the most famous football players on the planet, coming into the battle royale. This Brazilian athlete currently plays for the Paris Saint-Germain F. C.

According to a recent Twitter post, the Neymar skin will be playable starting today for all users with the Battle Pass. In addition to the skin itself, Fortnite will add a themed set of different emote and items. All this can be obtained after completing a series of thematic quests.

“Shhh. Emote” is probably the most intriguing one because it transforms the skin into futuristic armor with the Brazilian flag colors. We do not know yet whether this transformation affects the player’s combat characteristics.

It is worth noting that Epic Games has previously added sports-themed items to the game. These include the “Air Punch” emote in Pele’s fashion and skins resembling various sports clubs’ uniforms. However, it was Neymar Jr. who became the first athlete to be added to the game in this way. Most likely, we should expect new collaborations with other athletes soon.

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