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Long-awaited texture repair in Nier: Automata is finally completed

11 may, 09:16


Fans of Nier: Automata have been waiting for 4 years to improve the textures of their favorite game, which takes place on our planet, that is conquered by warrior-robots. The indirect sequel to NIER that was released in 2017 has gained considerable popularity among gamers of different platforms. However, the game initially had some drawbacks, including excessive blurring.

GPUnity modder’s work on improving textures began almost simultaneously with the game release. His goal was not a global change in graphics with the destruction of the author’s idea, but a simple improvement of textures, at least in places where they had absolutely low resolution.

According to the author of the HD texture pack, he tried to change only the elements that spoiled the overall impression of the game and were a fly in the ointment. In order to eliminate this nuisance, the modder added about 300 new textures, including some fonts changes.

Now that such a long work on Nier: Automata is over, GPUnity has revealed that they intend to return to improving the textures of Batman: Arkham Asylum 2009.

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