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New Amnesia: Rebirth game trailer has been published

4 october, 21:20


Yesterday, Swedish video game developer Frictional Games, known for its Penumbra and Amnesia series, released the first gameplay trailer for Amnesia: Rebirth, the long-awaited sequel to the beloved horror game.

Little is known about the game at the moment, even with the new video. The plot revolves around Tasi Trianon, who survives a plane crash only to get into even more trouble. The action takes place in 1930’s Algeria, exactly 100 years after The Dark Descent, and even if the developers haven’t confirmed this information yet, the new game may shed light on the origin of the sphere from TDD, which was the cause of all Daniel’s tragedies – he found in Algeria.

As for the trailer, the main gameplay scheme of the new product hasn’t changed – the heroine wanders around in dark corridors, flees in panic from something unknown, and solves deadly puzzles. However, there are still certain changes, and they are noticeable. For example, locations are more versatile compared to other parts of the Amnesia series – sometimes there are even bright areas with daylight. Also, according to the head of the studio Thomas Grip, the system of “madness” will now manifest itself not in ordinary fainting, but will gradually complicate the passage of the game, influence the course of the narrative and even threaten “people dear to the heroine.”

The new Amnesia: Rebirth game is expected to be released on PC on October 20, and fans of high-quality horror games should mark this date on their calendar!

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