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New Hitman 3 expansion reveals Agent 47’s dark side

25 march, 23:13


IO Interactive is famous for being a developer studio that loves experimentation. Another manifestation of such creativity will be their “Seven Deadly Sins” expansion for the Hitman 3 game. It allows us to see the “sinful” manifestation of the usually calm Agent 47.

The update will be divided into seven parts, with the first one focusing on Greed. Its main feature is the ability to keep part of the accumulated items when moving between stages. Players will also receive several new items, such as a golden suit or a stylish cane. Also, the release of Seven Deadly Sins starts a series of in-game events called Seasons of Sins. Each chapter will spawn for 4-6 weeks. Each season will contain many exclusive assassination contracts, missions, and more.

Credits: IO Interactive

The update is worth a look because you rarely get the opportunity to witness a completely new side of the favorite character, and the Seven Deadly Sins offer just that.

Act 1: Greed kicks off on March 30th. Players can purchase each season separately or wholesale all seven parts of the expansion at a discounted price.

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