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New Valheim mod adds VR support to the game

6 april, 14:04


Valheim recently entered the market in Early Access mode, but it already has over 5 million players. Survival simulator has gained popularity due to many factors, such as realistic mechanics or procedural map generation.

One of the most influential factors is a huge number of unofficial mods for the game. Iron Gate Studio, the developer of Valheim, hasn’t announced official support of mods, but that doesn’t stop the community from creating extremely ambitious projects. Among the most successful are the “Valheim LegendRPG mod, which adds 6 playable classes with unique skills, and a first-person view switch mode (the original version of the game uses a third-person view).

The latest such creation is VHVR – a mod that implements a VR for the game. At the moment, the modification is still in the early stages of development, but players can already use VR glasses for the game. Unfortunately, motion controllers are yet to be supported, that’s why you have to stick to a keyboard and mouse for now. VHVR allows you to play in VR mode even with players who are not using the modification, but you need to change some lighting and graphics settings before that.

If you want to experience virtual reality in Valheim by yourself, you must first install the BelpInEx framework, and then VHVR itself. You can download it using this link.

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