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Now you can get ΔV: Rings of Saturn for free

16 april, 10:34


 Space simulator ΔV: Rings of Saturn, released in 2018 by Kodera Software studio, has received many positive reviews over three years. Gamers became interested in a science fiction game and eagerly set about mining minerals from the Saturn rings. It should be noted that the high popularity of the simulator is caused by its realism since all the laws of physics were taken into account in the game design.

After collecting a certain number of fans, the developer company made them a tempting offer. Now they can get the game for free!  

What’s the catch?  

Space and science enthusiasts will like such a gift. But we all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. What is the dark side of this action?  

Players are provided with a complete simulator version with all its details. However, this is a kind of demo. Thus, you can enjoy ΔV: Rings of Saturn, but if you want to download the accumulated experience, you still have to pay.  

Considering that you don’t have to pay anything for the opportunity to fully familiarize yourself with the simulator, the catch does not seem so insidious. In case you want to dive deeper into this cosmic world of the “gold rush” format, but on Saturn, you will need to pay about $ 4.

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