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PUBG Lite shuts down

1 april, 23:04


PUBG Lite is a free version of the famous battle royale that has reduced system requirements. The game was created for users whose computers cannot handle the heavy graphics of the main PUBG.

A separate development team has been working on Lite for two years now. Also, the game has servers separated from the original edition. That is why the players of the two versions can’t cross their paths. The game has simplified graphics and interface but is generally the same as the original product. It makes PUBG Lite the perfect option for multiplayer fans with weak machines.

But, unfortunately, it will cease to exist soon. The closure was announced on the game’s website by its publisher. The statement says the game is unavailable for download since today. Its servers are still running, but they are to shut down on April 29th too.

The developers did not explain the reasons for the product’s canceling, so we can only guess what happened. At least the main version of PUBG stays with us and continues to evolve. For example, the developers added the ability to take off in balloons and cling to them for a plane flying by a few days ago. Sounds good, right?

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