• Call Of Duty: Warzone Update Will Make You Love the Game Even More

    The Call of Duty series has come a long way from 2003 to the present. A lot has changed in it throughout its existence: things like graphics or multiplatform availability in the recent games are way better now than in the first ones. It is hard to imagine how the Call of Duty developers can surprise their fans, but the latest update for Call of Duty: Warzone, if not surprised, then certainly pleased them. An improvement called Season 3 Reloaded brought new sexy heroes, multiplayer maps, new weapons, and bug fixes.  New heroes John Rambo and McClane, which came from famous action flicks, were probably the most anticipated element of the expansion. All gamers agreed that the Verdansk map modifications should also be included with the cinematic characters, which will include easily recognizable locations from Die Hard and Rambo.  Raven Software has made a fan's dream come true by adding Nakatomi Plaza(the main location of "Die Hard" movie) to the central...

    22 may, 13:44

  • Back 4 Blood trailer has been released

    The computer game Back 4 Blood, which is under development, will combine two genres at once - first-person shooter and survival horror. Left 4 Dead became a spiritual mentor for the new game. Back in the day, it managed to win the hearts of users of three platforms at once, thanks to its gloomy atmosphere of horror and despair. The plot was quite traditional - the survivors are fighting against those infected with a very dangerous virus. Despite the triviality of this kind of gameplay, the game still found itself a lot of fans. Turtle Rock Studios has decided to freshen up its product a bit by releasing a new game on October 12th. So, today the company is working on a new Back 4 Blood. The game has a plot similar to the previous installments of the franchise, but its events are set later on the apocalypse timeline. When creating a new product, the developers paid attention to the zombies themselves - believe me, they look way cooler than the monsters from the pred...

    21 may, 00:00

  • The Division: Heartland Gameplay footage spreads online

    The Red Storm team announced the release of a new free shooter called The Division Heartland at the very beginning of the month. Beta tests have just started. Traditionally, people approved for the role of testers signed a non-disclosure agreement, which prevents you from revealing information about the game. Despite this, the video of gameplay appeared on the Internet. Ubisoft quickly dealt with the leak by removing the videos from Vimeo, but the users were faster. At the moment, low-quality footage is spreading on the web, especially inside gaming communities, at the speed of light. Before this event, players knew very little about the announced game. For this reason, someone was not interested in it, while someone was waiting for the release to experience something new. But thanks to the leak, users will be able to become more familiar with the game and its highlights even now. We know now that the game might appeal to fans of third-person shooters. It...

    18 may, 14:12

  • Apex Legends devs ban gamers that exploit season 9 bug

    Apex Legends has conquered the Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms in less than 2 years. It is not strange, because the game has become a new flagman in the genre of heroic first-person shooters. However, there is nothing perfect in the world, and Apex Legends is no exception. The gamer's engagement with the new game was at its peak right after the release, but the excitement began to fade away very quickly. Users explained the loss of their interest by the fact that the game stood still and did not provide anything new and unusual. Respawn Entertainment took notes from such comments, promising to fix the problems. Indeed, updates began to appear more frequently in Apex Legends shortly thereafter. But still, some things went not as smoothly as everybody expected. Bugs began to appear along with additions, updates, improvements. Some of them made gamers hate the game, while others offered shortcuts to victory. An example of the latter would be the "ghost...

    15 may, 12:20

  • Layers of Fear 2 is finally released on Nintendo Switch

    Layers of Fear is a psychological first-person horror game made by the Bloober Team, that follows a story of a mentally unstable artist eager to complete his masterpiece. This computer game was released in 2016, and it has gathered some fans after five years of its existence. It is not strange that the developers decided to release a sequel sometime afterward, namely in 2019 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Initially, gamers could enjoy the first version of the horror on Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One platforms, but it appeared on Nintendo Switchonly 2 years later. Probably to create the "tradition", the release of the second part on Nintendo will also happen two years after the main release – on May 20, 2021. Layers of Fear 2 has a different storyline from the first version and is not a direct sequel. It is a game that has preserved the soul of the original but has a completely different meaning. Bloober decided to build a new story arou...

    13 may, 23:50

  • Long-awaited texture repair in Nier: Automata is finally completed

    Fans of Nier: Automata have been waiting for 4 years to improve the textures of their favorite game, which takes place on our planet, that is conquered by warrior-robots. The indirect sequel to NIER that was released in 2017 has gained considerable popularity among gamers of different platforms. However, the game initially had some drawbacks, including excessive blurring. GPUnity modder’s work on improving textures began almost simultaneously with the game release. His goal was not a global change in graphics with the destruction of the author's idea, but a simple improvement of textures, at least in places where they had absolutely low resolution. According to the author of the HD texture pack, he tried to change only the elements that spoiled the overall impression of the game and were a fly in the ointment. In order to eliminate this nuisance, the modder added about 300 new textures, including some fonts changes. Now that such a long work on Nier: Automa...

    11 may, 09:16

  • New Halo Infinite details are making the game PC-oriented

    Microsoft released new details for the PC version of their upcoming Halo Infinite game yesterday. Their main goal is to improve the comfort of the gaming process for computer users. Microsoft continues to move away from the tradition of separating gameplay for consoles and PCs. Therefore, most of the revealed innovations affect exactly this. For example, PC players will now be able to play on the same servers as Xbox users, which was impossible before. The fact is that now match-making will not be based on the gaming platform, as it was before, but on the input device. Therefore, when playing with a gamepad on a PC, you cannot meet a keyboard and mouse user but will play with Xbox gamers with ease. Another important computer feature that developers have noticed is support for monitors of non-standard sizes. Players have long been asking Microsoft to fix issues of playing Halo on wide or ultra-wide monitors, and the studio has listened to them. Other innovations in...

    8 may, 08:13

  • Stellaris gets new expansion

    The news about a large-scale add-on for Stellaris appeared on the network a month ago. Eventually, it was confirmed; the developers of Paradox delighted the fans and opened access to the add-on. The release trailer for the long-awaited expansion can be found below:   The global space entourage causes the popularity of Stellaris. This game provides gamers with the opportunity to rule interstellar empires and become the most powerful overlord in the galaxy. The Nemesis add-on will allow you to dive deeper into the gameplay, as it helps fans to receive various espionage tools and the opportunity to feel themselves the guardian of the galaxy. Moreover, those who wish to aggravate the cosmic chaos will be able to try to destroy everything. Everyone enjoyed the innovation because of the ability of free choice. Now the game deserves the status of a strategy even more since whichever side the gamers choose, they will have to think car...

    16 april, 23:22

  • Now you can get ΔV: Rings of Saturn for free

     Space simulator ΔV: Rings of Saturn, released in 2018 by Kodera Software studio, has received many positive reviews over three years. Gamers became interested in a science fiction game and eagerly set about mining minerals from the Saturn rings. It should be noted that the high popularity of the simulator is caused by its realism since all the laws of physics were taken into account in the game design. After collecting a certain number of fans, the developer company made them a tempting offer. Now they can get the game for free!   What's the catch?   Space and science enthusiasts will like such a gift. But we all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. What is the dark side of this action?   Players are provided with a complete simulator version with all its details. However, this is a kind of demo. Thus, you can enjoy ΔV: Rings of Saturn, but if you want to download the accumulated experie...

    16 april, 10:34

  • New Crash Bandicoot game sets new popularity records

    Research firm SensorTower has released a list of the top games for March 2021 by user downloads. Join Clash 3D has taken the lead with 27.6 million downloads, and the fun new runner game Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is almost going shoulder to shoulder with 27 million downloads! There were about 8 million downloads only on the first day! However, if you take into account the fact that it was only released at the end of March 2021, it can be called the absolute leader! Interesting fact that the usual for the runner gameplay is diluted with a plot, which the developers added manually. Besides, in the finals of some levels, you can even fight with bosses. Traditionally, Doctor Neo Cortex plays the role of the super-villain, burning with an unhealthy desire to take over the universe. By controlling Crash and his sister Coco, you can stop him! Crash Bandicoot: On the Run provides the opportunity to have fun with friends. The Coronavi...

    18 april, 18:18

  • A monkey learns how to play a game via brain chip

    A neurotech company has shared with the public a video of a monkey playing an arcade video game. How do you like that, Elon Musk? In this case, Musk commended the experiment, since it was conducted by his own company, Neuralink. A primate named Pager can play arcade games using the mind power. This has been achieved thanks to a wireless chip embedded in his brain. The process itself can be seen in the official video posted on the Neuralink YouTube channel. The company mentions that the path to mastering the game by a monkey was not that long. The chip was implemented six weeks before the video you just watched was filmed. At first, nine-year-old Pager learned to control his racket with a joystick, receiving a banana smoothie for his small successes. Meanwhile, the implanted chip read and analyzed his brain activity to predict the possible macaque actions in the future. And so it happened! By disabling the joystick, the monkey w...

    16 april, 10:37

  • Dota 2 gets new heroine

    The developers of the well-known game introduced a new strong character into it called Dawnbreaker. It is another "carry" character that has a melee type of attack. The heroine's real name is Valora. She belongs to the Children of Light - the very ones who took the Guardian's matters into their own hands after his exodus. Dawnbreaker Abilities The end of the battle often depends on the carry, but the character sometimes can prove himself in the midst of the game. Dawnbreaker wields a heavenly hammer that can knock down enemies and finally render them harmless. The new heroine willingly appeals to her cosmic power, helping her to be in the right place and at the right time to defeat the enemy team. The heroine, of course, manages to heal her comrades.  The main advantages of the character are power and resilience, thanks to which he can inflict fatal damage. Besides, the greater the magnitude of the damage, the better the healin...

    12 april, 14:14

  • New info about Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

    BioWare published a post on the Playstation website yesterday that shares new details about Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. The upcoming remaster of the original Mass Effect series was announced November 7 last year. It will combine the game mechanics of the three games and optimize them for modern computers. Credit: BioWare Most of the changes involve the series' combat system, especially the first Mass Effect. Unlike later games, its genre was more RPG-like than a shooter. Because of this, its combat mechanics were significantly inferior to Mass Effect 2 and 3. In the new re-release, the developers improved control over the weapon, reduced the cooldown duration, added the ability to sprint out of the battle, and much more. Credit: BioWare Besides, the changes also affected the overall game mechanics. For example, XP gain and leveling up will be more balanced now. Also, the developers fixed the problems that are quite known among the players. These include the...

    8 april, 13:48

  • New Valheim mod adds VR support to the game

    Valheim recently entered the market in Early Access mode, but it already has over 5 million players. Survival simulator has gained popularity due to many factors, such as realistic mechanics or procedural map generation. One of the most influential factors is a huge number of unofficial mods for the game. Iron Gate Studio, the developer of Valheim, hasn't announced official support of mods, but that doesn't stop the community from creating extremely ambitious projects. Among the most successful are the “Valheim Legend” RPG mod, which adds 6 playable classes with unique skills, and a first-person view switch mode (the original version of the game uses a third-person view). The latest such creation is VHVR - a mod that implements a VR for the game. At the moment, the modification is still in the early stages of development, but players can already use VR glasses for the game. Unfortunately, motion controllers are yet to be suppo...

    6 april, 14:04

  • New Rainbow Six game video leaked

    Another Rainbow Six Parasite gameplay trailer was leaked online today. It is an upcoming game by Ubisoft that inherits much of Rainbow Six: Siege, the popular product in the series. This isn't the first trailer to leak onto the Internet. Earlier, we received three videos over the past two months. The first was a video clip, a few seconds long, followed by a couple of screenshots. Then, in March, one of the testers leaked about an hour of the game walkthrough, tutorial mostly. The latest leak is shorter (just a few minutes), mostly consisting of pure action. In the video, Ela, an operative from R6S, tries to lead her comrade into the evacuation zone. From the previous leak, we understood that the main characters are at war with alien monsters. At the same time, their main task is to quietly collect information from enemy locations and then evacuate without a trace. If someone is left behind, you can return for him later and fight him b...

    5 april, 23:52

  • CD Projekt Red crunches to release Cyberpunk 2077

    Yesterday, the gaming community was triggered by a Bloomberg article according to which the famous Polish video game developer CD Projekt Red is using crunch to finish all work on the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 game before November 19, the day of its release. Crunch is a term in the gaming industry that implies the forced introduction of overtime hours for staff to finish the work in some specific time frame, most often the deadline for a game to enter the market. Crunch is mainly used by studios in the final stages of development and is caused by poor planning of the development process and mistakes in management. According to Bloomberg's anonymous source, CD Projekt Red also introduced a six working days per week before release, and some employees have been working overtime for over a year. In the case of CD Projekt Red, everything is worsened by the fact that this isn't the first case of crunch in their history - earlier the same scandal arose during the another h...

    1 october, 16:42

  • Activision has blocked 20 000 cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone

    There were two high-profile events yesterday related to Call of Duty: Warzone, a battle royale shooter from Activision. As expected, the new sixth season of the game started on September 29, in which players will have access to 4 new maps, 2 operatives (Farah and Nikolai), as well as a vehicle battle mode, metro, and much more. But the unexpected thing was the delivery of more than 20 thousand bans to players who used cheats. Activision didn't reveal the details of the cheat used, but the EngineOwning online service is probably to blame, specializing in the development and paid provision of cheats for most modern online games, including Battlefield V, Titanfall 2, and most of Call of Duty. The Modern Warfare 2019 and Warzone page on the site now states that the corresponding cheat has been discovered by a developer and is no longer safe to use. Also, immediately after the massive purge, the EngineOwning forum just exploded with outraged fans who spent money cheating for...

    30 september, 23:47

  • Burning gaming September

    On the eve of September, it would be a good idea to think about a new range of games. This time we will analyze multiplayer projects, just for rainy autumn evenings that you want to spend playing in a company. Second Extinction Release date: SeptemberGenre: First person shooterPlatforms: PC (later on Xbox One and Xbox Series X)Modes: Co-opLocalization: TextPrice: Unknown Second Extinction will go into early access so far only on PC in September 2020, and it will be available for sure on Steam. Versions for game consoles will appear a little later. According to the plot, mutated dinosaurs fill the Earth in the near future, against which the characters can fight using a set of certain achievements and weapons. Systemic Reaction is developing a game, this company has not proven itself in the best way in creating survivals, but this time everything promises to be much brighter and better.

    31 august, 18:46

  • Wait for the first DLC to Doom Eternal

    The release of DLC, that will be released in October, continues the unique story of the Doom Eternal saga. The first of the two story additions to DOOM Eternal is mysteriously called The Ancient Gods. According to the plot, the Executioner of Fatum is fighting an ancient evil awakened by an imbalance of power in heaven. New unique locations, meetings with new scary demons and Easter eggs as some new events in the DOOM universe will be prepared for gamers. Lucky people - holders of a season ticket for the first year or Deluxe Edition DOOM Eternal, will receive free DLCs. For fans of team play, it remains to purchase The Ancient Gods separately - so there is an opportunity to play multiplayer. However, critics note that the hype opposite this version of DOOM is highly exaggerated. The game itself, of course, is timeless and attracts gamers with speed, efficiency, increasing tension and aggression with a chic soundtrack and drive shooting. But the story shooter, and this particul...

    31 august, 23:08

  • The update of Minecraft Bedrock has been released

    Updating Minecraft Bedrock Beta was not stopped after release. Another beta and updates have been released on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 platforms, respectively. In the current beta version, in addition to fixing bugs, there are a number of major changes. General innovations The textures of lava and water are visible now after installing a block of mucus or honey over them.Portals in the End must correctly calculate the distance to the center of the block when determining the exit point.Plants and sprouts will grow correctly on the borders of the chunks. Structural blocks The name field has been removed from the 3D block model export screen.Error of wrong calculating chunks for blocks that change in the preview window was fixed.Loading and unloading structures will no longer affect blocks in adjacent chunks.A bug that prevented clear boundaries after Reset was fixed too. Technical innovations Entity creation logic was improved and corrected. You can now c...

    2 september, 23:08


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