• Back 4 Blood trailer has been released

    The computer game Back 4 Blood, which is under development, will combine two genres at once - first-person shooter and survival horror. Left 4 Dead became a spiritual mentor for the new game. Back in the day, it managed to win the hearts of users of three platforms at once, thanks to its gloomy atmosphere of horror and despair. The plot was quite traditional - the survivors are fighting against those infected with a very dangerous virus. Despite the triviality of this kind of gameplay, the game still found itself a lot of fans. Turtle Rock Studios has decided to freshen up its product a bit by releasing a new game on October 12th. So, today the company is working on a new Back 4 Blood. The game has a plot similar to the previous installments of the franchise, but its events are set later on the apocalypse timeline. When creating a new product, the developers paid attention to the zombies themselves - believe me, they look way cooler than the monsters from the pred...

    21 may, 00:00

  • Chivalry 2 beta-test is to begin next week

    Chivalry 2 is a first-person game inspired by the Middle Ages. When creating the main elements of the slasher, the developers were inspired by high-quality films that recreated the events of the famous era. The first part of Chivalry initially was not even an independent game, and yet it managed to impress many players. The lovers of such genres and fans of films about the Middle Ages are looking forward to the release of the sequel, which is already a work in progress. Confirmation of these claims is the release of the free beta version, which will be available from May 27. Those gamers who are already itching to play a new game will be glad to hear that testing is completely open for the public. This way, you can enjoy both the gameplay, which includes bloody battles, and the continuation of the plot about the kingdom of Agatha. The beta test will allow 64 players to play simultaneously, regardless of the platform they prefer. Thus, the game can be safel...

    20 may, 11:19

  • Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness anime by Netflix is set for a release in July

    Resident Evil has become Capcom's most influential media franchise and one of the most popular game series worldwide. The RE universe has existed for more than 25 years despite all the criticism, which ranged from total rejection to late recognition. The game has become so popular that it has already been adapted into films several times. The movies have got mixed reception. However, Netflix decided to repeat this experiment, but in a new way. The company announced work on the Resident Evil-themed anime project back in October 2020. But fans have got the release date and a trailer of the anime only a short while ago. Now you just need to wait for July 8th to enjoy the new anime series about your favorite game. The Netflix platform has revealed the plot of the animated series to the public, saying that it will not repeat the story of any part of the game but will create a new one. The events of the series are set in 2006 in the White House, struck by an unk...

    20 may, 00:45

  • The Division: Heartland Gameplay footage spreads online

    The Red Storm team announced the release of a new free shooter called The Division Heartland at the very beginning of the month. Beta tests have just started. Traditionally, people approved for the role of testers signed a non-disclosure agreement, which prevents you from revealing information about the game. Despite this, the video of gameplay appeared on the Internet. Ubisoft quickly dealt with the leak by removing the videos from Vimeo, but the users were faster. At the moment, low-quality footage is spreading on the web, especially inside gaming communities, at the speed of light. Before this event, players knew very little about the announced game. For this reason, someone was not interested in it, while someone was waiting for the release to experience something new. But thanks to the leak, users will be able to become more familiar with the game and its highlights even now. We know now that the game might appeal to fans of third-person shooters. It...

    18 may, 14:12

  • Layers of Fear 2 is finally released on Nintendo Switch

    Layers of Fear is a psychological first-person horror game made by the Bloober Team, that follows a story of a mentally unstable artist eager to complete his masterpiece. This computer game was released in 2016, and it has gathered some fans after five years of its existence. It is not strange that the developers decided to release a sequel sometime afterward, namely in 2019 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Initially, gamers could enjoy the first version of the horror on Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One platforms, but it appeared on Nintendo Switchonly 2 years later. Probably to create the "tradition", the release of the second part on Nintendo will also happen two years after the main release – on May 20, 2021. Layers of Fear 2 has a different storyline from the first version and is not a direct sequel. It is a game that has preserved the soul of the original but has a completely different meaning. Bloober decided to build a new story arou...

    13 may, 23:50

  • Fortnite may receive a new PvE mod

    Before reaching the peak of its popularity as a battle royale, Fortnitewas a very different game. Its first game mode was a PvE called "Save The World", which had a Minecraft-like survival system. After Epic Games decided to focus on the battle royale genre, Save The Worldwas gradually forgotten and is now hardly remembered by the players. But now there is every reason to believe that Fortnitewill soon receive a new PvE mode. Eurogamer reports that the latest patch 16.40 contains references to the new game modification called "Daybreak". Gamers will have to survive three days on a map that is different from the usual one. Survival will be accompanied by crafting items, battles with monsters, and other classic PvE elements. In the end, the players must work together to repair the crashed plane, which will help them leave the abandoned island. At the moment, Epic Games has not responded in any way to spreading rumors. If the information is confirmed, players...

    12 may, 12:39

  • Long-awaited texture repair in Nier: Automata is finally completed

    Fans of Nier: Automata have been waiting for 4 years to improve the textures of their favorite game, which takes place on our planet, that is conquered by warrior-robots. The indirect sequel to NIER that was released in 2017 has gained considerable popularity among gamers of different platforms. However, the game initially had some drawbacks, including excessive blurring. GPUnity modder’s work on improving textures began almost simultaneously with the game release. His goal was not a global change in graphics with the destruction of the author's idea, but a simple improvement of textures, at least in places where they had absolutely low resolution. According to the author of the HD texture pack, he tried to change only the elements that spoiled the overall impression of the game and were a fly in the ointment. In order to eliminate this nuisance, the modder added about 300 new textures, including some fonts changes. Now that such a long work on Nier: Automa...

    11 may, 09:16

  • WoW: Burning Crusade Classic's possible release date leaked

    Back in February of this year, Blizzard announced the World of Warcraft update called "The Burning Crusade Classic." This version of the original expansion from 2007 has become the most anticipated event for fans of the game. However, the announcement did not mention when exactly we were going to get a new add-on. However, there was an information leak due to a Blizzard mistake yesterday, on the night of May 4th. The company accidentally published the release date of the update, which probably falls at the beginning of summer - on June 1. The developers instantly realized their mistake and almost immediately deleted the publication. But this did not stop the most avid WoW fans from taking screenshots and posting them online. The publication was available on the portal for a very short time. However, the small number of users who were lucky enough to see it did not manage to get directly into the post itself. This fact caused suspicions that the publicat...

    6 may, 07:07

  • Leaked Battlefield 6 screenshots appear online

    Today, the first unofficial screenshots of Battlefield 6 have appeared online. We assume that these are shots from the upcoming trailer for the game, which EA planned to release soon. The first photo places the character inside a modern helicopter with electronic displays. The cockpit overlooks the take-off pad of some rocket, behind which a tornado is raging. The second screenshot shows a panorama of a tropical island. Aerial combat takes place in the sky above it. Thus, these pictures do not shed much light on the upcoming game, except for the location (island) and the era (modern world) of its actions. Judging by the quality of the screenshots, they were taken during a Zoom video conference or something like that. EA themselves are still silent about the leaked photos. However, blogger Tom Henderson, who has repeatedly given truthful insights into the Battlefield games, confirms the reality of the screenshots. The new Battlefield 6 will be the first...

    7 may, 21:53

  • New Halo Infinite details are making the game PC-oriented

    Microsoft released new details for the PC version of their upcoming Halo Infinite game yesterday. Their main goal is to improve the comfort of the gaming process for computer users. Microsoft continues to move away from the tradition of separating gameplay for consoles and PCs. Therefore, most of the revealed innovations affect exactly this. For example, PC players will now be able to play on the same servers as Xbox users, which was impossible before. The fact is that now match-making will not be based on the gaming platform, as it was before, but on the input device. Therefore, when playing with a gamepad on a PC, you cannot meet a keyboard and mouse user but will play with Xbox gamers with ease. Another important computer feature that developers have noticed is support for monitors of non-standard sizes. Players have long been asking Microsoft to fix issues of playing Halo on wide or ultra-wide monitors, and the studio has listened to them. Other innovations in...

    8 may, 08:13

  • Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition release date revealed

    Yesterday 4A Games published new information about Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, including its release date - May 9th. According to the developers, this will be an update to Metro Exodus for modern gaming systems - next-gen consoles and PCs with ray tracing support. Note that ray tracing, in this case, will be mandatory. Therefore, if your PC's video card is older than 2018, then the game most likely will not even start on it. Also, the developers say that the Enhanced Edition will be a separate game product and not a patch or update to the original Exodus. Therefore, a new game requires about 80 GB of hard disk space to install. But there is good news as well. Players who previously purchased Metro Exodus from online stores like Steam or GOG do not need to pay for the new edition - they can claim it for free. Also, gamers will be able to transfer old save files to all platforms except the Microsoft Store. For those who want to go through a certain mission...

    29 april, 14:52

  • New Monster Hunter Rise update arrives today

    Capcom continues to develop the Monster Hunter franchise. During yesterday's thematic online conference, the company announced new updates for Monster Hunter Rise, its latest game. The release of the first free update 2.0 will take place today. We will get a huge amount of new content in it. Many new monsters will appear in the game, including the powerful Elder Dragons and other Apex beasts. Also, the developers have added a certain number of in-game events. Fortunately, these quests do not require a constant internet connection - you only need to download them once. In addition, some of the in-game mechanics have been changed. Thus, players will now be able to hunt Apex monsters outside of specialized quests, as well as create tiered armor. Capcom also revealed some information about the next 3.0 update, which is expected in May. It looks like we will get an epilogue of the game's storyline in it, which suddenly ended at the most interesting place. It is worth n...

    28 april, 13:28

  • Fortnite adds Neymar Jr. as a skin

    Epic Games continues to expand the range of available Fortnite skins. Yesterday the company announced Neymar Jr., one of the most famous football players on the planet, coming into the battle royale. This Brazilian athlete currently plays for the Paris Saint-Germain F. C. According to a recent Twitter post, the Neymar skin will be playable starting today for all users with the Battle Pass. In addition to the skin itself, Fortnite will add a themed set of different emote and items. All this can be obtained after completing a series of thematic quests. “Shhh. Emote” is probably the most intriguing one because it transforms the skin into futuristic armor with the Brazilian flag colors. We do not know yet whether this transformation affects the player's combat characteristics. It is worth noting that Epic Games has previously added sports-themed items to the game. These include the "Air Punch" emote in Pele's fashion and skins resembling various sports clubs’ u...

    27 april, 22:17

  • Developers reveal details about the new World of Warcraft patch

    World of Warcraft director Ion Hazzikostas has managed to intrigue fans of the game with his story about the upcoming patch 9.1. In an interview with streamer Douyo, he talked about the many changes to the game that players love even now! Chains of Domination will delight you with a new epochal rating system. Conquerors of dungeons with keys will be able to count on a place in it. Of course, a place in the epochal ranking provides some privileges. Gamers who are lucky enough to get into it will be rewarded with improved weapons and the opportunity to become a "Dungeon Master". The developers' plans include updating a wide variety of content. For example, they are going to develop and adjust the guild system. Blizzard is also looking forward to a more streamlined collection of legendary items. In a conversation with the blogger, Ion Hazzikostas did not name the exact date, only warming up the gamers' expectations. However, we kn...

    26 april, 21:00

  • Call of Duty: Warzone updated its Verdansk map

    The creators of this popular shooter are not yet ready to say goodbye to the city of Verdansk, replacing it with an exceptionally fresh map. Instead, they gave it a massive update that will bring gamers into 1984. Verdansk of that time would become the epicenter of the royal battle. You can watch the gameplay trailer below: Many changes have breathed life into the old and familiar map. Now even the intro sounds different in it. Besides, Verdansk now has some elements from the legendary Black Ops series. In addition to the design aspects, developers slightly modified the famous locations. For example, the city center will no longer be oversaturated with fighting, but it will still be tense. The scale of the airport and stadium was also changed. Do not assume that the update will not be able to fully become an alternative to completely new maps, as the developers have tried their best. In addition to improving the showiness and c...

    23 april, 21:08

  • Gran Turismo will be a part of the virtual Olympics

    The International Olympic Committee is launching the Cyber ​​Olympiad, which will consist of competitions in many sports games. Part of the competition will take place in the racing simulator Gran Turismo. The game gained popularity due to the simplified physical model and the presence of real car brands. A racing simulator for consoles, which has contributed to the development of the genre, will represent one of five disciplines, namely the International Automobile Federation (FIA). Four more disciplines of the Olympic Virtual Series will feature titles such as Zwift, eBaseball Powerful Pro Baseball 2020, and Virtual Regata. They will defend the interests of the International Cycling Union, the World Confederation of Baseball and Softball, the International Sailing Federation, and the International Rowing Federation, respectively. Committee thinks that such an experience will not only help attract new fans to the game but will help achieve the long-...

    23 april, 10:35

  • EA announces Apex Legends Mobile

    More video game companies are turning their attention to mobile platforms as an emerging market. As part of this trend, EA announced the upcoming release of Apex Legends Mobile - the smartphone version of their famous game. According to Chad Greiner, the game's lead developer, Apex Legends Mobile will be a standalone product that has been designed specifically for smartphones. Greiner also mentioned that mobile gamers will not encounter users of other platforms, since they have separate servers. Besides that, not much information is known about the game at the moment. This is about to change, however, as EA begins limited beta testing in May. First, it will be available to players in Indonesia and the Philippines, and then the game will gradually open to a larger audience. It's also worth mentioning that the beta is currently running for Android users only. The exact release date for Apex Legends Mobile is still unknown. Previously, the developers p...

    21 april, 20:43

  • New Apex Legends hero is connected with Titanfall 2

    Respawn Entertainment continues to reveal more details for the upcoming Season 9 of Apex Legends battle royale. As part of the update, the Valkyrie, a new character associated with Titanfall 2, will appear in the game. The studio has released a new story trailer from the "Stories from the Outland" series today, featuring Valkyrie. From it, we learn about the past of a girl who is currently involved in smuggling. It turns out that Viper, the antagonist of Titanfall 2, is her father. In the video, Valkyrie blames Kuben Blisk, the organizer of Apex Legends, for her father's death. In response to the accusations, Blisk offers the girl a place in his competition. At the end of the video, we watch the new competitor working on Northstar, her father's titan, thereby letting go of her desire for revenge. Unfortunately, the video is purely narrative and does not contain information about the character's playing abilities. But most likely the d...

    20 april, 14:40

  • Stellaris gets new expansion

    The news about a large-scale add-on for Stellaris appeared on the network a month ago. Eventually, it was confirmed; the developers of Paradox delighted the fans and opened access to the add-on. The release trailer for the long-awaited expansion can be found below:   The global space entourage causes the popularity of Stellaris. This game provides gamers with the opportunity to rule interstellar empires and become the most powerful overlord in the galaxy. The Nemesis add-on will allow you to dive deeper into the gameplay, as it helps fans to receive various espionage tools and the opportunity to feel themselves the guardian of the galaxy. Moreover, those who wish to aggravate the cosmic chaos will be able to try to destroy everything. Everyone enjoyed the innovation because of the ability of free choice. Now the game deserves the status of a strategy even more since whichever side the gamers choose, they will have to think car...

    16 april, 23:22

  • Now you can get ΔV: Rings of Saturn for free

     Space simulator ΔV: Rings of Saturn, released in 2018 by Kodera Software studio, has received many positive reviews over three years. Gamers became interested in a science fiction game and eagerly set about mining minerals from the Saturn rings. It should be noted that the high popularity of the simulator is caused by its realism since all the laws of physics were taken into account in the game design. After collecting a certain number of fans, the developer company made them a tempting offer. Now they can get the game for free!   What's the catch?   Space and science enthusiasts will like such a gift. But we all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. What is the dark side of this action?   Players are provided with a complete simulator version with all its details. However, this is a kind of demo. Thus, you can enjoy ΔV: Rings of Saturn, but if you want to download the accumulated experie...

    16 april, 10:34


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