• Call Of Duty: Warzone Update Will Make You Love the Game Even More

    The Call of Duty series has come a long way from 2003 to the present. A lot has changed in it throughout its existence: things like graphics or multiplatform availability in the recent games are way better now than in the first ones. It is hard to imagine how the Call of Duty developers can surprise their fans, but the latest update for Call of Duty: Warzone, if not surprised, then certainly pleased them. An improvement called Season 3 Reloaded brought new sexy heroes, multiplayer maps, new weapons, and bug fixes.  New heroes John Rambo and McClane, which came from famous action flicks, were probably the most anticipated element of the expansion. All gamers agreed that the Verdansk map modifications should also be included with the cinematic characters, which will include easily recognizable locations from Die Hard and Rambo.  Raven Software has made a fan's dream come true by adding Nakatomi Plaza(the main location of "Die Hard" movie) to the central...

    22 may, 13:44

  • Back 4 Blood trailer has been released

    The computer game Back 4 Blood, which is under development, will combine two genres at once - first-person shooter and survival horror. Left 4 Dead became a spiritual mentor for the new game. Back in the day, it managed to win the hearts of users of three platforms at once, thanks to its gloomy atmosphere of horror and despair. The plot was quite traditional - the survivors are fighting against those infected with a very dangerous virus. Despite the triviality of this kind of gameplay, the game still found itself a lot of fans. Turtle Rock Studios has decided to freshen up its product a bit by releasing a new game on October 12th. So, today the company is working on a new Back 4 Blood. The game has a plot similar to the previous installments of the franchise, but its events are set later on the apocalypse timeline. When creating a new product, the developers paid attention to the zombies themselves - believe me, they look way cooler than the monsters from the pred...

    21 may, 00:00

  • Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness anime by Netflix is set for a release in July

    Resident Evil has become Capcom's most influential media franchise and one of the most popular game series worldwide. The RE universe has existed for more than 25 years despite all the criticism, which ranged from total rejection to late recognition. The game has become so popular that it has already been adapted into films several times. The movies have got mixed reception. However, Netflix decided to repeat this experiment, but in a new way. The company announced work on the Resident Evil-themed anime project back in October 2020. But fans have got the release date and a trailer of the anime only a short while ago. Now you just need to wait for July 8th to enjoy the new anime series about your favorite game. The Netflix platform has revealed the plot of the animated series to the public, saying that it will not repeat the story of any part of the game but will create a new one. The events of the series are set in 2006 in the White House, struck by an unk...

    20 may, 00:45

  • Fortnite may receive a new PvE mod

    Before reaching the peak of its popularity as a battle royale, Fortnitewas a very different game. Its first game mode was a PvE called "Save The World", which had a Minecraft-like survival system. After Epic Games decided to focus on the battle royale genre, Save The Worldwas gradually forgotten and is now hardly remembered by the players. But now there is every reason to believe that Fortnitewill soon receive a new PvE mode. Eurogamer reports that the latest patch 16.40 contains references to the new game modification called "Daybreak". Gamers will have to survive three days on a map that is different from the usual one. Survival will be accompanied by crafting items, battles with monsters, and other classic PvE elements. In the end, the players must work together to repair the crashed plane, which will help them leave the abandoned island. At the moment, Epic Games has not responded in any way to spreading rumors. If the information is confirmed, players...

    12 may, 12:39

  • Apex Legends bug keeps you from playing with teammates

    Apex Legends players have discovered a bug that does not play into their hands at all. After the next update, which was released in March this year, players began to notice that they often have to play without a team at all. The developers of Apex Legends have already tried to include a solo mode in it, but they did not get much success because the main emphasis here is on teamwork. This feature sets Apex Legends apart from other similar games that focus more on battle royale. However, some enthusiasts liked the single-player experiment. But could this bug satisfy all the desires of these enthusiasts? Unlikely. On the contrary, users say that after repeated games alone, they begin to feel that the game hates them. Respawn Entertainment is aware of the bug but has yet to fix it. Director of Communications Ryan Rigney cannot express his disappointment in words. He admitted that this mistake drives him crazy since no one has the patience for it. All the fixes that th...

    8 may, 00:16

  • Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition release date revealed

    Yesterday 4A Games published new information about Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, including its release date - May 9th. According to the developers, this will be an update to Metro Exodus for modern gaming systems - next-gen consoles and PCs with ray tracing support. Note that ray tracing, in this case, will be mandatory. Therefore, if your PC's video card is older than 2018, then the game most likely will not even start on it. Also, the developers say that the Enhanced Edition will be a separate game product and not a patch or update to the original Exodus. Therefore, a new game requires about 80 GB of hard disk space to install. But there is good news as well. Players who previously purchased Metro Exodus from online stores like Steam or GOG do not need to pay for the new edition - they can claim it for free. Also, gamers will be able to transfer old save files to all platforms except the Microsoft Store. For those who want to go through a certain mission...

    29 april, 14:52

  • New Monster Hunter Rise update arrives today

    Capcom continues to develop the Monster Hunter franchise. During yesterday's thematic online conference, the company announced new updates for Monster Hunter Rise, its latest game. The release of the first free update 2.0 will take place today. We will get a huge amount of new content in it. Many new monsters will appear in the game, including the powerful Elder Dragons and other Apex beasts. Also, the developers have added a certain number of in-game events. Fortunately, these quests do not require a constant internet connection - you only need to download them once. In addition, some of the in-game mechanics have been changed. Thus, players will now be able to hunt Apex monsters outside of specialized quests, as well as create tiered armor. Capcom also revealed some information about the next 3.0 update, which is expected in May. It looks like we will get an epilogue of the game's storyline in it, which suddenly ended at the most interesting place. It is worth n...

    28 april, 13:28

  • Developers reveal details about the new World of Warcraft patch

    World of Warcraft director Ion Hazzikostas has managed to intrigue fans of the game with his story about the upcoming patch 9.1. In an interview with streamer Douyo, he talked about the many changes to the game that players love even now! Chains of Domination will delight you with a new epochal rating system. Conquerors of dungeons with keys will be able to count on a place in it. Of course, a place in the epochal ranking provides some privileges. Gamers who are lucky enough to get into it will be rewarded with improved weapons and the opportunity to become a "Dungeon Master". The developers' plans include updating a wide variety of content. For example, they are going to develop and adjust the guild system. Blizzard is also looking forward to a more streamlined collection of legendary items. In a conversation with the blogger, Ion Hazzikostas did not name the exact date, only warming up the gamers' expectations. However, we kn...

    26 april, 21:00

  • Call of Duty: Warzone updated its Verdansk map

    The creators of this popular shooter are not yet ready to say goodbye to the city of Verdansk, replacing it with an exceptionally fresh map. Instead, they gave it a massive update that will bring gamers into 1984. Verdansk of that time would become the epicenter of the royal battle. You can watch the gameplay trailer below: Many changes have breathed life into the old and familiar map. Now even the intro sounds different in it. Besides, Verdansk now has some elements from the legendary Black Ops series. In addition to the design aspects, developers slightly modified the famous locations. For example, the city center will no longer be oversaturated with fighting, but it will still be tense. The scale of the airport and stadium was also changed. Do not assume that the update will not be able to fully become an alternative to completely new maps, as the developers have tried their best. In addition to improving the showiness and c...

    23 april, 21:08

  • A monkey learns how to play a game via brain chip

    A neurotech company has shared with the public a video of a monkey playing an arcade video game. How do you like that, Elon Musk? In this case, Musk commended the experiment, since it was conducted by his own company, Neuralink. A primate named Pager can play arcade games using the mind power. This has been achieved thanks to a wireless chip embedded in his brain. The process itself can be seen in the official video posted on the Neuralink YouTube channel. The company mentions that the path to mastering the game by a monkey was not that long. The chip was implemented six weeks before the video you just watched was filmed. At first, nine-year-old Pager learned to control his racket with a joystick, receiving a banana smoothie for his small successes. Meanwhile, the implanted chip read and analyzed his brain activity to predict the possible macaque actions in the future. And so it happened! By disabling the joystick, the monkey w...

    16 april, 10:37

  • Diablo 2: Resurrection alpha test has begun

    Blizzard continues to actively prepare for the upcoming release of Diablo 2: Resurrection. Short-timed alpha testing of the game has started today among a limited number of fans of the game. Those wishing to participate applied using the form on the Blizzard website. Testing will last until April 12th. Developers note that players will be able to complete the first two acts of the game. Each of the acts is followed by a fight with the boss - Anadriel and Duriel, respectively. It is worth noting that the developers didn't limit the character's maximum possible level during testing, so gamers have all the chances of defeating the bosses. This alpha test will be single-player only, but Blizzard plans to conduct a multiplayer one soon. Keep in mind that the game is not finished yet, so testers are likely to encounter bugs. In this case, it is necessary to notify the developers to fix the problem. At the moment, the exact release date of Diablo 2: Resurr...

    9 april, 21:32

  • No Man's Sky is to receive a big update soon

    Hello Games, developer of No Man's Sky, has announced the forthcoming release of a global Expedition update. The extension contains many changes, from minor bug fixes to the introduction of a new game mode. Perhaps the biggest improvement will be Expedition. It is a new game mode, the fourth one after Normal, Creative, and Survival. Its highlight is the systematic journey inside the gaming universe. Players now start on a random planet with random equipment. Unlike other modes, this one gives the user a defined route of planets' exploration. Also, in order to complete the Expedition, you need to clear a variety of missions, including the search for animals or the colonization of worlds. The players' paths will diverge quite often, but they will intersect again on special "rendezvous" planets. Other than some quality time, Expeditions are interesting for their rewards. Successful playthroughs unlock access to commemorative patc...

    2 april, 23:36

  • CD Projekt will develop two AAA-games simultaneously

    The renowned Polish studio CD Projekt held a press conference today about its plans for the near future. As it turned out, they are quite ambitious: the company plans to work on two AAA projects simultaneously. CD Projekt Red is known for two franchises – The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077. Starting from 2022, the developers will work on two games to support both series. To ensure this productivity, the studio will expand its staff. The process has already begun - CDPR has just acquired the Canadian company Digital Scapes to expand into the global market. CD Projekt also claims that the developers will not split between different games. Each team will work on two products and share the experience. According to technical director Paveł Zawodny, they can maintain a high level of quality for both of their franchises this way. Besides, the developers made several announcements regarding 2021. First of all, we will receive a patch for Cyberpunk 2077. Both th...

    31 march, 12:49

  • Rust Console launch date has been announced

    Rust, the acclaimed multiplayer survival simulator, is coming to consoles on May 21, 2021. The announcement was made last weekend by the game studio Double Eleven. They also posted a trailer for Rust Console, which you can check out below. The PC version of Rust hit the market back in 2013. But since 2016, developers have been trying to adapt the game for consoles. The main difficulty was the problem of productivity. Rust Console has to deal with the fact that consoles aren't as easy to improve as PCs. That is why the creators had to rewrite most of the engine to adapt it for the consoles' capabilities. The updates for the console and PC versions will be separate for the same reason. At the beginning of development, it took almost an hour to launch the game on Playstation. Thanks to the developers' efforts, the launch-time was reduced to a minute. It's worth noting that the Rust Console wil...

    31 march, 20:23

  • Mojang lets fans pick new Minecraft mob

    Mojang is actively developing Minecraft, its flagship product, and one of the most popular games in the world. The developers are working on several possible new NPCs to further enrich the game world. The interesting thing is that the players themselves will choose which of the mobs will get to the official release. The decision will be made using a vote on the game's official Twitter account during the Minecraft Live online conference on October 3. Mojang has introduced three new creatures: Mobloom - a mob that looks like a cross between a cow and a bee - a yellow cow with bee wings behind her back, which can contact insects. Of course, the appearance of the mob immediately tells us that Mobloom won’t be aggressive to the player.Iceologer - this creature coming from Minecraft Dungeons is a hostile mob that, when seen by a player, will release ice clouds in his direction. Iceologer's possible habitat is a mountain biome, which will complicate its already difficult pas...

    30 september, 23:37

  • Developers from Riot Games will present a new champion Samira

    Developers from Riot Games have announced a new champion for League of Legends - Samira. Below you can see the trailer for the Desert Rose, in which the authors showed her abilities. The announcement of the new character took place last week. Samira, the 151st champion of the League, will appear on September 16th with the release of a new patch. According to the developers, Samira has skills similar to some other champions. There is information that the hero will have an ult "rotation and machine gun shots, as well as dagger throws." Her ult will be limited by the number of champions Samira can beat once. See you in bright matches in the new League of Legends patch!

    31 august, 18:22

  • Burning gaming September

    On the eve of September, it would be a good idea to think about a new range of games. This time we will analyze multiplayer projects, just for rainy autumn evenings that you want to spend playing in a company. Second Extinction Release date: SeptemberGenre: First person shooterPlatforms: PC (later on Xbox One and Xbox Series X)Modes: Co-opLocalization: TextPrice: Unknown Second Extinction will go into early access so far only on PC in September 2020, and it will be available for sure on Steam. Versions for game consoles will appear a little later. According to the plot, mutated dinosaurs fill the Earth in the near future, against which the characters can fight using a set of certain achievements and weapons. Systemic Reaction is developing a game, this company has not proven itself in the best way in creating survivals, but this time everything promises to be much brighter and better.

    31 august, 18:46

  • Wait for the first DLC to Doom Eternal

    The release of DLC, that will be released in October, continues the unique story of the Doom Eternal saga. The first of the two story additions to DOOM Eternal is mysteriously called The Ancient Gods. According to the plot, the Executioner of Fatum is fighting an ancient evil awakened by an imbalance of power in heaven. New unique locations, meetings with new scary demons and Easter eggs as some new events in the DOOM universe will be prepared for gamers. Lucky people - holders of a season ticket for the first year or Deluxe Edition DOOM Eternal, will receive free DLCs. For fans of team play, it remains to purchase The Ancient Gods separately - so there is an opportunity to play multiplayer. However, critics note that the hype opposite this version of DOOM is highly exaggerated. The game itself, of course, is timeless and attracts gamers with speed, efficiency, increasing tension and aggression with a chic soundtrack and drive shooting. But the story shooter, and this particul...

    31 august, 23:08


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