• Fortnite may receive a new PvE mod

    Before reaching the peak of its popularity as a battle royale, Fortnitewas a very different game. Its first game mode was a PvE called "Save The World", which had a Minecraft-like survival system. After Epic Games decided to focus on the battle royale genre, Save The Worldwas gradually forgotten and is now hardly remembered by the players. But now there is every reason to believe that Fortnitewill soon receive a new PvE mode. Eurogamer reports that the latest patch 16.40 contains references to the new game modification called "Daybreak". Gamers will have to survive three days on a map that is different from the usual one. Survival will be accompanied by crafting items, battles with monsters, and other classic PvE elements. In the end, the players must work together to repair the crashed plane, which will help them leave the abandoned island. At the moment, Epic Games has not responded in any way to spreading rumors. If the information is confirmed, players...

    12 may, 12:39

  • Fortnite adds Neymar Jr. as a skin

    Epic Games continues to expand the range of available Fortnite skins. Yesterday the company announced Neymar Jr., one of the most famous football players on the planet, coming into the battle royale. This Brazilian athlete currently plays for the Paris Saint-Germain F. C. According to a recent Twitter post, the Neymar skin will be playable starting today for all users with the Battle Pass. In addition to the skin itself, Fortnite will add a themed set of different emote and items. All this can be obtained after completing a series of thematic quests. “Shhh. Emote” is probably the most intriguing one because it transforms the skin into futuristic armor with the Brazilian flag colors. We do not know yet whether this transformation affects the player's combat characteristics. It is worth noting that Epic Games has previously added sports-themed items to the game. These include the "Air Punch" emote in Pele's fashion and skins resembling various sports clubs’ u...

    27 april, 22:17

  • EA announces Apex Legends Mobile

    More video game companies are turning their attention to mobile platforms as an emerging market. As part of this trend, EA announced the upcoming release of Apex Legends Mobile - the smartphone version of their famous game. According to Chad Greiner, the game's lead developer, Apex Legends Mobile will be a standalone product that has been designed specifically for smartphones. Greiner also mentioned that mobile gamers will not encounter users of other platforms, since they have separate servers. Besides that, not much information is known about the game at the moment. This is about to change, however, as EA begins limited beta testing in May. First, it will be available to players in Indonesia and the Philippines, and then the game will gradually open to a larger audience. It's also worth mentioning that the beta is currently running for Android users only. The exact release date for Apex Legends Mobile is still unknown. Previously, the developers p...

    21 april, 20:43

  • New Apex Legends hero is connected with Titanfall 2

    Respawn Entertainment continues to reveal more details for the upcoming Season 9 of Apex Legends battle royale. As part of the update, the Valkyrie, a new character associated with Titanfall 2, will appear in the game. The studio has released a new story trailer from the "Stories from the Outland" series today, featuring Valkyrie. From it, we learn about the past of a girl who is currently involved in smuggling. It turns out that Viper, the antagonist of Titanfall 2, is her father. In the video, Valkyrie blames Kuben Blisk, the organizer of Apex Legends, for her father's death. In response to the accusations, Blisk offers the girl a place in his competition. At the end of the video, we watch the new competitor working on Northstar, her father's titan, thereby letting go of her desire for revenge. Unfortunately, the video is purely narrative and does not contain information about the character's playing abilities. But most likely the d...

    20 april, 14:40

  • New Crash Bandicoot game sets new popularity records

    Research firm SensorTower has released a list of the top games for March 2021 by user downloads. Join Clash 3D has taken the lead with 27.6 million downloads, and the fun new runner game Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is almost going shoulder to shoulder with 27 million downloads! There were about 8 million downloads only on the first day! However, if you take into account the fact that it was only released at the end of March 2021, it can be called the absolute leader! Interesting fact that the usual for the runner gameplay is diluted with a plot, which the developers added manually. Besides, in the finals of some levels, you can even fight with bosses. Traditionally, Doctor Neo Cortex plays the role of the super-villain, burning with an unhealthy desire to take over the universe. By controlling Crash and his sister Coco, you can stop him! Crash Bandicoot: On the Run provides the opportunity to have fun with friends. The Coronavi...

    18 april, 18:18

  • CD Projekt will develop two AAA-games simultaneously

    The renowned Polish studio CD Projekt held a press conference today about its plans for the near future. As it turned out, they are quite ambitious: the company plans to work on two AAA projects simultaneously. CD Projekt Red is known for two franchises – The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077. Starting from 2022, the developers will work on two games to support both series. To ensure this productivity, the studio will expand its staff. The process has already begun - CDPR has just acquired the Canadian company Digital Scapes to expand into the global market. CD Projekt also claims that the developers will not split between different games. Each team will work on two products and share the experience. According to technical director Paveł Zawodny, they can maintain a high level of quality for both of their franchises this way. Besides, the developers made several announcements regarding 2021. First of all, we will receive a patch for Cyberpunk 2077. Both th...

    31 march, 12:49

  • Mojang lets fans pick new Minecraft mob

    Mojang is actively developing Minecraft, its flagship product, and one of the most popular games in the world. The developers are working on several possible new NPCs to further enrich the game world. The interesting thing is that the players themselves will choose which of the mobs will get to the official release. The decision will be made using a vote on the game's official Twitter account during the Minecraft Live online conference on October 3. Mojang has introduced three new creatures: Mobloom - a mob that looks like a cross between a cow and a bee - a yellow cow with bee wings behind her back, which can contact insects. Of course, the appearance of the mob immediately tells us that Mobloom won’t be aggressive to the player.Iceologer - this creature coming from Minecraft Dungeons is a hostile mob that, when seen by a player, will release ice clouds in his direction. Iceologer's possible habitat is a mountain biome, which will complicate its already difficult pas...

    30 september, 23:37

  • Minecon Live gets a new name and air date

    Mojang's main online event, Minecon Live, has finally got an exact date, albeit under a different name. Minecraft Live will air on the official Minecraft website on October, 3 starting at 5 am GMT. Also, the developers have posted on their blog a small article in which they slightly open the veil about what we can see at the conference. The post says that during the conference we will learn about the projects that the studio has been working on for a whole year, which didn’t go unnoticed by users. It is not yet known what exactly is Mojang talking about - global updates to existing products (e.g. Minecraft or Minecraft Earth), or something completely new. But one thing is for sure - fans definitely shouldn't miss this event. Also, the offline meeting of the Minecraft Festival was not left without attention - but, unfortunately, the news is not very positive. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the festival, previously expected in September, has...

    6 september, 10:24

  • Dead by Daylight will receive a big graphic update

    Dead by Daylight developers prepare at full speed for the next-gen consoles release next year. A lot of visual innovations are planned for the winter holidays, and free updates of the game and gameplay will be released in the following year. (Credit: Kanobu) Among the new products are the following: an increase of game maps interactive objects, the introduction of the Cross-Play mode, as well as the improvement of character textures towards greater realism. Thousands of game models, assets and textures will be improved in this massive update. It should be noted that these innovations will not be published simultaneously, but will be released every 6 weeks instead. (Credit: Kanobu) All of this effort is aimed at next-gen consoles that can unleash the full potential of gaming at 4K maximum resolution and 60 FPS. However, first updates will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Also, with a possible transition from old consoles to next-gen, players will be gi...

    4 september, 19:06

  • The Black Panther statue has appeared in Fortnite

    Fortnite continues to satisfy players with new skins, graphical changes and other innovations as part of a new season, the main theme of which is Marvel superheroes and everything related to them. A Panther’s Prowl statue is among the latest installations, it is associated with the famous film called Black Panther and the hero of the same name. Another, sadder news associated with this character are that Chadwick Boseman, who played the Black Panther in the Marvel film, recently passed away from intestinal cancer at a fairly young age of 43. Many actors and companies expressed their respect for the actor, but this particular sculpture was an action planned earlier as part of the new season, and not a reaction to the death of Boseman, Epic Games stated. Credit: Epic Games, Reddit The statue is located next to Misty Meadows, the colored circle on the map can serve as a reference point. As you approach the monument, a melody begins to play, reminiscent of music from the Black Pan...

    3 september, 00:09

  • The Witcher: Monster Slayer will be released - a mobile game based on "The Witcher"

    CD Projekt Red, as well as its subsidiary Spokko, have announced the release of another game from the universe of The Witcher, which appeared thanks to the legendary fantasy series of books by Andrzej Sapkowski. The mobile project is called The Witcher: Monster Slayer and will be developed for iOS and Android. The game is implemented using augmented reality technology and will have some similarities with Pokemon GO. The gamer will be able to try on the skin of a monster hunter who invaded the Continent. An interesting detail is that the events will unfold long before the time of Geralt. To defeat the monster, you will first need to track it down, possibly with the help of traps and baits, then use magic potions, bombs and other artifacts. It is necessary to constantly train and improve your hero, to improve his equipment, because otherwise the witcher may not be able to withstand a strong monster. After defeating the monster, the gamer will receive not only a level increase, but...

    27 august, 18:55

  • New Fortnite tournament announced

    Yesterday, Epic Games, the developer of the popular game Fortnite, announced that the "Free Fortnite Cup" tournament will be held on August 23, the next Sunday. It was published in an article on the official website of the publisher, in which he explained the holding of a new tournament by the current situation between Epic and tech giants Google and Apple. We remind you that last week, August 13, the creator of Fortnite introduced a new system for acquiring in-game currency (V-Bucks), which did not use the embedded systems of Apple and Google to conduct transactions (as a result, removing a 30% commission). On the same day, Apple banned the game from the App Store, to which Epic responded with a 1984-style themed video parodying an old Apple ad, and a lawsuit against Apple to “strip tech giants of their monopoly on the mobile games market.” The new tournament is viewed as the last opportunity to play together with friends from all possible p...

    22 august, 12:10


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