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Developers reveal details about the new World of Warcraft patch

26 april, 21:00


World of Warcraft director Ion Hazzikostas has managed to intrigue fans of the game with his story about the upcoming patch 9.1. In an interview with streamer Douyo, he talked about the many changes to the game that players love even now!

Chains of Domination will delight you with a new epochal rating system. Conquerors of dungeons with keys will be able to count on a place in it. Of course, a place in the epochal ranking provides some privileges. Gamers who are lucky enough to get into it will be rewarded with improved weapons and the opportunity to become a “Dungeon Master”.

The developers’ plans include updating a wide variety of content. For example, they are going to develop and adjust the guild system. Blizzard is also looking forward to a more streamlined collection of legendary items.

In a conversation with the blogger, Ion Hazzikostas did not name the exact date, only warming up the gamers’ expectations. However, we know that patch 9.1 is currently being tested alongside the expansion for Burning Crusade Classic. The director of World of Warcraft mentioned that simultaneous updates are extremely unlikely. The fact is that although these projects are different, they still have a certain number of the same fans. Developers want to avoid spraying them and get good feedback by creating a time and space for each game.

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