• Play Station Days Gone creator reacted to fan petition about sequel

    Everyone already knows that Days Gone fans launched a petition on Change.org, which was able to take the lead in terms of the number of signatures on the platform. This is a testament to the game's appeal to thousands of gamers, who are eager to see Sony Interactive Entertainment approve the next in

    20 april, 22:34

  • Mobile New Apex Legends hero is connected with Titanfall 2

    Respawn Entertainment continues to reveal more details for the upcoming Season 9 of Apex Legends battle royale. As part of the update, the Valkyrie, a new character associated with Titanfall 2, will appear in the game. The studio has released a new story trailer from the "Stories from the Out

    19 april, 09:25

  • XBOX Stellaris gets new expansion

    The news about a large-scale add-on for Stellaris appeared on the network a month ago. Eventually, it was confirmed; the developers of Paradox delighted the fans and opened access to the add-on. The release trailer for the long-awaited expansion can be found below:   https://youtu.be/FUhb-XU

    16 april, 23:22

  • PC Now you can get ΔV: Rings of Saturn for free

     Space simulator ΔV: Rings of Saturn, released in 2018 by Kodera Software studio, has received many positive reviews over three years. Gamers became interested in a science fiction game and eagerly set about mining minerals from the Saturn rings. It should be noted that the high popularity of t

    16 april, 00:27

  • Review New Crash Bandicoot game sets new popularity records

    Research firm SensorTower has released a list of the top games for March 2021 by user downloads. Join Clash 3D has taken the lead with 27.6 million downloads, and the fun new runner game Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is almost going shoulder to shoulder with 27 million downloads! There were about 8 million downloads only on the first day! However, if you take into account the fact that it was only r

    15 april, 14:27

  • Analysis A monkey learns how to play a game via brain chip

    A neurotech company has shared with the public a video of a monkey playing an arcade video game. How do you like that, Elon Musk? In this case, Musk commended the experiment, since it was conducted by his own company, Neuralink. A primate named Pager can play arcade games using the mind power. This has been achieved thanks to a wireless chip embedded in his brain. The process itself can be

    13 april, 23:12

  • Trends Dota 2 gets new heroine

    The developers of the well-known game introduced a new strong character into it called Dawnbreaker. It is another "carry" character that has a melee type of attack. The heroine's real name is Valora. She belongs to the Children of Light - the very ones who took the Guardian's matters into their own hands after his exodus. Dawnbreaker Abilities The end of the battle often depends on t

    12 april, 13:46

  • Development Diablo 2: Resurrection alpha test has begun

    Blizzard continues to actively prepare for the upcoming release of Diablo 2: Resurrection. Short-timed alpha testing of the game has started today among a limited number of fans of the game. Those wishing to participate applied using the form on the Blizzard website. Testing will last until April 12th. Developers note that players will be able to complete the first two acts of the game. Eac

    9 april, 21:32

  • Play Station The second Resident Evil Village showcase is announced

    Capcom continues to fuel public interest in Resident Evil Village, the eighth installment of the acclaimed series. According to a post by the franchise’s official Twitter account, the company will hold the second online showcase of the game on April 15. Also, the news site MP1st claims that we will receive a new Village demo during the showcase. About 10 GB of files that make up the "Gamepl

    8 april, 19:10

  • XBOX New info about Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

    BioWare published a post on the Playstation website yesterday that shares new details about Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. The upcoming remaster of the original Mass Effect series was announced November 7 last year. It will combine the game mechanics of the three games and optimize them for modern computers. Credit: BioWare Most of the changes involve the series' combat system, especial

    7 april, 21:09

  • Virtual Reality New Valheim mod adds VR support to the game

    Valheim recently entered the market in Early Access mode, but it already has over 5 million players. Survival simulator has gained popularity due to many factors, such as realistic mechanics or procedural map generation. One of the most influential factors is a huge number of unofficial mods for the game. Iron Gate Studio, the developer of Valheim, hasn't announced official support

    6 april, 14:04

  • PC New Rainbow Six game video leaked

    Another Rainbow Six Parasite gameplay trailer was leaked online today. It is an upcoming game by Ubisoft that inherits much of Rainbow Six: Siege, the popular product in the series. This isn't the first trailer to leak onto the Internet. Earlier, we received three videos over the past two months. The first was a video clip, a few seconds long, followed by a couple of screenshots. Then, in M

    5 april, 23:52

  • Design No Man's Sky is to receive a big update soon

    Hello Games, developer of No Man's Sky, has announced the forthcoming release of a global Expedition update. The extension contains many changes, from minor bug fixes to the introduction of a new game mode. https://youtu.be/O7T0_admYi4 Perhaps the biggest improvement will be Expedition. It is a new game mode, the fourth one after Normal, Creative, and Survival. Its highlight is the

    2 april, 22:39

  • Announce PUBG Lite shuts down

    PUBG Lite is a free version of the famous battle royale that has reduced system requirements. The game was created for users whose computers cannot handle the heavy graphics of the main PUBG. A separate development team has been working on Lite for two years now. Also, the game has servers separated from the original edition. That is why the players of the two versions can't cross their paths.

    1 april, 23:01

  • Marketing Amnesia: Rebirth gets a monster-free modification

    Frictional Games, the developer of Amnesia: Rebirth, announced the game is about to receive an unusual update. The new Adventure Mode completely removes monsters and horror from the game. This way, the player can fully focus on the plot and gameplay. The mod not only removes the monsters but also adds many other innovations. For example, there will be a lot more puzzles and quests in each l

    31 march, 22:39

  • Announce CD Projekt will develop two AAA-games simultaneously

    The renowned Polish studio CD Projekt held a press conference today about its plans for the near future. As it turned out, they are quite ambitious: the company plans to work on two AAA projects simultaneously. CD Projekt Red is known for two franchises – The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077. Starting from 2022, the developers will work on two games to support both series. To ensure this

    30 march, 22:51

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