• Trends The Witcher 3 director leaves CD Projekt after bulling accusations

    Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, previously known as the game director of The Witcher 3, left his post after being accused of inappropriate treatment of subordinates and creating a bad working environment. Tomashkevich himself denied these claims. Moreover, after a lengthy internal investigation

    6 may, 23:35

  • Industry WoW: Burning Crusade Classic's possible release date leaked

    Back in February of this year, Blizzard announced the World of Warcraft update called "The Burning Crusade Classic." This version of the original expansion from 2007 has become the most anticipated event for fans of the game. However, the announcement did not mention when exactly we were goin

    6 may, 07:07

  • PC Leaked Battlefield 6 screenshots appear online

    Today, the first unofficial screenshots of Battlefield 6 have appeared online. We assume that these are shots from the upcoming trailer for the game, which EA planned to release soon. The first photo places the character inside a modern helicopter with electronic displays. The cockpit

    4 may, 14:58

  • Console Resident Evil Village demo's timer has been cracked

    Video games are part of commerce, so as in any industry fans manage to get the cheese out of a mousetrap without being harmed. It is not clear what motivates people chasing freebies - whether ardor or the desire for money for jam. However, whatever the motive, they often achieve what they want. That

    4 may, 14:31

  • Announce New Halo Infinite details are making the game PC-oriented

    Microsoft released new details for the PC version of their upcoming Halo Infinite game yesterday. Their main goal is to improve the comfort of the gaming process for computer users. Microsoft continues to move away from the tradition of separating gameplay for consoles and PCs. Therefore, most of the revealed innovations affect exactly this. For example, PC players will now be able to play

    1 may, 09:18

  • Development Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition release date revealed

    Yesterday 4A Games published new information about Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, including its release date - May 9th. According to the developers, this will be an update to Metro Exodus for modern gaming systems - next-gen consoles and PCs with ray tracing support. Note that ray tracing, in this case, will be mandatory. Therefore, if your PC's video card is older than 2018, then the game

    29 april, 14:52

  • Review New Monster Hunter Rise update arrives today

    Capcom continues to develop the Monster Hunter franchise. During yesterday's thematic online conference, the company announced new updates for Monster Hunter Rise, its latest game. The release of the first free update 2.0 will take place today. We will get a huge amount of new content in it. Many new monsters will appear in the game, including the powerful Elder Dragons and other Apex beast

    28 april, 13:28

  • Social Fortnite adds Neymar Jr. as a skin

    Epic Games continues to expand the range of available Fortnite skins. Yesterday the company announced Neymar Jr., one of the most famous football players on the planet, coming into the battle royale. This Brazilian athlete currently plays for the Paris Saint-Germain F. C. According to a recent Twitter post, the Neymar skin will be playable starting today for all users with the Battle Pass.

    27 april, 22:17

  • Trends Developers reveal details about the new World of Warcraft patch

    World of Warcraft director Ion Hazzikostas has managed to intrigue fans of the game with his story about the upcoming patch 9.1. In an interview with streamer Douyo, he talked about the many changes to the game that players love even now! Chains of Domination will delight you with a new epochal rating system. Conquerors of dungeons with keys will be able to count on a place in it. Of course

    26 april, 20:21

  • Trends Call of Duty: Warzone updated its Verdansk map

    The creators of this popular shooter are not yet ready to say goodbye to the city of Verdansk, replacing it with an exceptionally fresh map. Instead, they gave it a massive update that will bring gamers into 1984. Verdansk of that time would become the epicenter of the royal battle. You can watch the gameplay trailer below: https://youtu.be/y6wJ6usXCAA Many changes have breathed li

    23 april, 21:08

  • Play Station Gran Turismo will be a part of the virtual Olympics

    The International Olympic Committee is launching the Cyber ​​Olympiad, which will consist of competitions in many sports games. Part of the competition will take place in the racing simulator Gran Turismo. The game gained popularity due to the simplified physical model and the presence of real car brands. A racing simulator for consoles, which has contributed to the development of th

    22 april, 22:32

  • iOS EA announces Apex Legends Mobile

    More video game companies are turning their attention to mobile platforms as an emerging market. As part of this trend, EA announced the upcoming release of Apex Legends Mobile - the smartphone version of their famous game. According to Chad Greiner, the game's lead developer, Apex Legends Mobile will be a standalone product that has been designed specifically for smartphones. Greiner also

    21 april, 20:43

  • Social Days Gone creator reacted to fan petition about sequel

    Everyone already knows that Days Gone fans launched a petition on Change.org, which was able to take the lead in terms of the number of signatures on the platform. This is a testament to the game's appeal to thousands of gamers, who are eager to see Sony Interactive Entertainment approve the next installment. Even Jeff Ross, who is the director of the project, supported the petition. He gav

    20 april, 22:34

  • Announce New Apex Legends hero is connected with Titanfall 2

    Respawn Entertainment continues to reveal more details for the upcoming Season 9 of Apex Legends battle royale. As part of the update, the Valkyrie, a new character associated with Titanfall 2, will appear in the game. The studio has released a new story trailer from the "Stories from the Outland" series today, featuring Valkyrie. From it, we learn about the past of a girl who is currently

    19 april, 09:25

  • PC Stellaris gets new expansion

    The news about a large-scale add-on for Stellaris appeared on the network a month ago. Eventually, it was confirmed; the developers of Paradox delighted the fans and opened access to the add-on. The release trailer for the long-awaited expansion can be found below:   https://youtu.be/FUhb-XUgjuU The global space entourage causes the popularity of Stellaris. This game provides gamer

    16 april, 23:22

  • Analysis Now you can get ΔV: Rings of Saturn for free

     Space simulator ΔV: Rings of Saturn, released in 2018 by Kodera Software studio, has received many positive reviews over three years. Gamers became interested in a science fiction game and eagerly set about mining minerals from the Saturn rings. It should be noted that the high popularity of the simulator is caused by its realism since all the laws of physics were taken into account in the g

    16 april, 00:27


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