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Resident Evil Village demo’s timer has been cracked

7 may, 21:48


Video games are part of commerce, so as in any industry fans manage to get the cheese out of a mousetrap without being harmed. It is not clear what motivates people chasing freebies – whether ardor or the desire for money for jam. However, whatever the motive, they often achieve what they want. That is what happened to Resident Evil fans.

The release date for the full version of Resident Evil Village is May 7. This is the eighth game in the series, which is traditionally performed in the Survival Horror genre. The announcement of this entertainment was presented almost a year ago – on June 11, 2020. It is not surprising that gamers were eagerly awaiting the release of at least a demo version of the game. In addition, the developers constantly fueled their impatience with news and reviews, using all the media possibilities.

Without having time to enjoy the demo, gamers found a way to extend it until May 10, and to remove the time limit of one hour. This goal was reached thanks to an exploit that used vulnerabilities in software, due to which the game timer thinks that the game is taking away much less time from you than it should be for the demo. To bypass the timer, you will need to resort to a third-party tool – Steam Achievement Manager.

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