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Leaked Battlefield 6 screenshots appear online

7 may, 21:53


Today, the first unofficial screenshots of Battlefield 6 have appeared online. We assume that these are shots from the upcoming trailer for the game, which EA planned to release soon.

The first photo places the character inside a modern helicopter with electronic displays. The cockpit overlooks the take-off pad of some rocket, behind which a tornado is raging. The second screenshot shows a panorama of a tropical island. Aerial combat takes place in the sky above it. Thus, these pictures do not shed much light on the upcoming game, except for the location (island) and the era (modern world) of its actions.

Judging by the quality of the screenshots, they were taken during a Zoom video conference or something like that. EA themselves are still silent about the leaked photos. However, blogger Tom Henderson, who has repeatedly given truthful insights into the Battlefield games, confirms the reality of the screenshots.

The new Battlefield 6 will be the first game in the series in five years and is slated for release in 2021. Other than that, DICE is developing a game for mobile devices, which is expected in 2022.

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