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Apex Legends bug keeps you from playing with teammates

8 may, 00:16


Apex Legends players have discovered a bug that does not play into their hands at all. After the next update, which was released in March this year, players began to notice that they often have to play without a team at all.

The developers of Apex Legends have already tried to include a solo mode in it, but they did not get much success because the main emphasis here is on teamwork. This feature sets Apex Legends apart from other similar games that focus more on battle royale. However, some enthusiasts liked the single-player experiment. But could this bug satisfy all the desires of these enthusiasts? Unlikely. On the contrary, users say that after repeated games alone, they begin to feel that the game hates them.

Respawn Entertainment is aware of the bug but has yet to fix it. Director of Communications Ryan Rigney cannot express his disappointment in words. He admitted that this mistake drives him crazy since no one has the patience for it. All the fixes that the company team made along with the seasonal updates were powerless against the bug. Wrigley hopes that they will succeed with the next attempt.

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