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Back 4 Blood trailer has been released

21 may, 00:00


The computer game Back 4 Blood, which is under development, will combine two genres at once – first-person shooter and survival horror. Left 4 Dead became a spiritual mentor for the new game. Back in the day, it managed to win the hearts of users of three platforms at once, thanks to its gloomy atmosphere of horror and despair. The plot was quite traditional – the survivors are fighting against those infected with a very dangerous virus. Despite the triviality of this kind of gameplay, the game still found itself a lot of fans.

Turtle Rock Studios has decided to freshen up its product a bit by releasing a new game on October 12th. So, today the company is working on a new Back 4 Blood. The game has a plot similar to the previous installments of the franchise, but its events are set later on the apocalypse timeline.

When creating a new product, the developers paid attention to the zombies themselves – believe me, they look way cooler than the monsters from the predecessor game. Thus, players will be presented with a group of killer zombies without any clichés!

In the game itself, there will be eight characters with different skills and distinctive features. You can get acquainted with them through the official trailer published by the developer company:

By the way, the beta is to be released soon – they promise to begin the testing this summer.

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