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Call Of Duty: Warzone Update Will Make You Love the Game Even More

22 may, 13:44


The Call of Duty series has come a long way from 2003 to the present. A lot has changed in it throughout its existence: things like graphics or multiplatform availability in the recent games are way better now than in the first ones. It is hard to imagine how the Call of Duty developers can surprise their fans, but the latest update for Call of Duty: Warzone, if not surprised, then certainly pleased them.

An improvement called Season 3 Reloaded brought new sexy heroes, multiplayer maps, new weapons, and bug fixes.  New heroes John Rambo and McClane, which came from famous action flicks, were probably the most anticipated element of the expansion. All gamers agreed that the Verdansk map modifications should also be included with the cinematic characters, which will include easily recognizable locations from Die Hard and Rambo.

 Raven Software has made a fan’s dream come true by adding Nakatomi Plaza(the main location of “Die Hard” movie) to the central part of the fictional city.

In addition to these unusual changes, the update contains the fix of annoying bugs that gamers had to deal with in Warzone. In addition, the bug that caused the identification tags to disappear has been fixed.

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