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Chivalry 2 beta-test is to begin next week

20 may, 11:19


Chivalry 2 is a first-person game inspired by the Middle Ages. When creating the main elements of the slasher, the developers were inspired by high-quality films that recreated the events of the famous era. The first part of Chivalry initially was not even an independent game, and yet it managed to impress many players. The lovers of such genres and fans of films about the Middle Ages are looking forward to the release of the sequel, which is already a work in progress.

Confirmation of these claims is the release of the free beta version, which will be available from May 27. Those gamers who are already itching to play a new game will be glad to hear that testing is completely open for the public. This way, you can enjoy both the gameplay, which includes bloody battles, and the continuation of the plot about the kingdom of Agatha.

The beta test will allow 64 players to play simultaneously, regardless of the platform they prefer. Thus, the game can be safely called cross-platform, which makes life much easier for fans. By the way, it will still be possible to create a team based on a specific platform.

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