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WoW: Burning Crusade Classic’s possible release date leaked

6 may, 07:07


Back in February of this year, Blizzard announced the World of Warcraft update called “The Burning Crusade Classic.” This version of the original expansion from 2007 has become the most anticipated event for fans of the game.

However, the announcement did not mention when exactly we were going to get a new add-on. However, there was an information leak due to a Blizzard mistake yesterday, on the night of May 4th. The company accidentally published the release date of the update, which probably falls at the beginning of summer – on June 1. The developers instantly realized their mistake and almost immediately deleted the publication. But this did not stop the most avid WoW fans from taking screenshots and posting them online.

The publication was available on the portal for a very short time. However, the small number of users who were lucky enough to see it did not manage to get directly into the post itself. This fact caused suspicions that the publication could be fake news or a real Blizzard announcement, which was supposed to be published later.

If the second guess is true, then we should expect an official release announcement very soon.

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