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Days Gone creator reacted to fan petition about sequel

20 april, 22:39


Everyone already knows that Days Gone fans launched a petition on, which was able to take the lead in terms of the number of signatures on the platform. This is a testament to the game’s appeal to thousands of gamers, who are eager to see Sony Interactive Entertainment approve the next installment.

Even Jeff Ross, who is the director of the project, supported the petition. He gave his vote and encouraged everyone to follow his example. But what is the response from the writers to such an impressive request from the Days Gone fans?

To put it mildly, the authors were not moved. On the contrary, they think the gamers themselves caused absence of the second part purchasing first one at a discount.

On this occasion, the creative director of the game, John Garvin, gave an interview in which he frankly admitted that he was somewhat enraged by lovers of freebies. John is annoyed that gamers do not understand how the gaming business segment works. He believes that no petition or stories with hot phrases about falling in love with Days Gone will help release a sequel if the game did not have 100% financial support at the start.

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