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A gamer killed all living creatures in TES: Skyrim

13 may, 10:04


For many people, video games are an opportunity to do something that is not available to them in the real world. Someone likes to fly on military planes, while the others fight monsters in a fantasy setting. Some gamers enjoy breaking laws in the virtual world, like stealing cars in GTA. But Reddit user jaeinskyrim broke all records of immorality and lawlessness – they destroyed all living things in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

In their subreddit, the player reports that the difficult path of mass genocide took them about a month. During this time, they systematically killed all living things on the continent of Skyrim – from harmless animals to important plot characters. Normally, you cannot harm the latter, but with the help of several mods, the gamer got rid of the restriction. Thus, Jae “removed” almost 5 thousand creatures from the game.

But it’s worth noting that some NPCs managed to escape. For example, the dragon Paarthurnax survived because the player killed the Greybeards too early, thereby blocking his path to the monster. Also, many NPCs are tied to certain locations, so they reappear there over time. Even so, jaeinskyrim’s achievement is impressive. But the impression of such a sight will not necessarily be a pleasant one.

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