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    5 april, 09:45

    Games with the most interesting, but small details

    We all love detailed games. Whether it is a shooter, a race, or an open-world RPG, the more attention the developer has paid to the small details of the game world, the easier it is for users to believe in its reality. However, sometimes the creators get carried away and add such hidden effects that most players won't even notice them. In this article, we have compiled a selection of games with some of the most striking details that no one pays attention to. Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar loves to incorporate small details and Easter eggs into their games. RDR 2 not only confirms the pattern but takes it to the next level. The number of small effects in the game is simply amazing. Some are relatively well-known among gamers - like the testicles of the protagonist's horse shrinking in the cold. However, a few users have heard about most of them. This includes the ears of Arthur Morgan, which shine through in front of a bright source of light, and the hero's habits -...

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    28 march, 22:38

    Mobile games that have the best graphics

    The mobile video game industry is growing rapidly. Every day more AAA-class development companies focus their attention on this market. The significant increase of smartphones' power in recent years is the biggest reason for this. Devices that once only ran Tetris can now rival the performance of some computers. But what is the power limit of modern smartphones? What is the maximum level of graphics a mobile developer can achieve? To answer these questions, we researched the mobile games market and picked the products that have the best graphics. In this article, we will try to figure out together - how beautiful can a smartphone game be? Asphalt 9: Legends We'll start with racing games because this genre was one of the first to appear on mobile devices. When speaking about races, it is impossible not to mention the Asphalt series, which started back in 2004. Now Asphalt 9: Legends, Gameloft's newest creation, implements all the experience of the developers....

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    2 september, 22:42

    The hyper casual games popularity boost

    As we live in a thriving portable gadgets era. People both work and spend their leisure time in smartphone and tablet apps which generate impressive global revenue each year. Often, people rest while playing video games, and 50% of the world's income from this business accounted for mobile gaming applications. But there is one particular genre that is at the industry-leading front which is hyper casual games. A little about the genre During the quarantine "stagnation" period, hyper-casuals were the most actively used in the application market, because they are very easy to play - they catch consumers on with the simplicity, and make users come back to play regularly. They don't have a semantic load and provide the possibility of repeated levels. In another way, one can describe it with words "Play as much as you want, and when you want." Popularity Due to the pandemic, hyper casual games began gaining their popularity momentum, the number of downloa...

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    2 september, 22:43

    Mobile games you don't need to play

    Nowadays various mobile games have a lot of modes that don't require any gamers' actions. Now they shouldn't even hold a phone in their hands to start gameplay. They just need to run the application and let the artificial intelligence do the rest. Initially, it even sounds boring: press the button and get a prize. Is it fun at all? Seems like the developers should make their products more addictive and interesting for its fans, instead of adding dreary auto-mode to it. But digging deeper, one can find another interpretation of this innovation. Free mobile entertainment developers often focus on game mechanic design but usually, it is a lost cause. The best tactic for them is to concentrate their strengths on giving their audience more attractive leisurely decisions' experience. Battles are the major lure The central highlight of the role-playing game genre is the presence of fascinated combat mechanic gamers can use - this "hooks...

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    2 september, 22:45

    Violent video games and real cruelty

    Cruelty and violence are two words that can easily describe the world out of a person's comfort zone. These concepts are often associated with bloodshed, violent death, mutilation. This controversial topic worth examining: whether these are really the only embodiments of atrocity in the surrounding reality. After each terroristic act, both officials and ordinary people try to explore the reason for it, attributing a harmful effect on everything that moves and doesn't move. Let's try to figure out which proportion of the accusations accounts for video games. The ability of video games with elements of violence to motivate the inhuman behavior of gamers in the real world is a topic  that raises its head from time to time in heated debates between computer entertainment supporters and their opponents. While there are no conclusive, coherent pieces of evidence of the game's impact on their consumer behavior, this “issue” is even raised by high-profile officials. America'...

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