• Back 4 Blood trailer has been released

    The computer game Back 4 Blood, which is under development, will combine two genres at once - first-person shooter and survival horror. Left 4 Dead became a spiritual mentor for the new game. Back in the day, it managed to win the hearts of users of three platforms at once, thanks to its gloomy atmosphere of horror and despair. The plot was quite traditional - the survivors are fighting against those infected with a very dangerous virus. Despite the triviality of this kind of gameplay, the game still found itself a lot of fans. Turtle Rock Studios has decided to freshen up its product a bit by releasing a new game on October 12th. So, today the company is working on a new Back 4 Blood. The game has a plot similar to the previous installments of the franchise, but its events are set later on the apocalypse timeline. When creating a new product, the developers paid attention to the zombies themselves - believe me, they look way cooler than the monsters from the pred...

    21 may, 00:00

  • Chivalry 2 beta-test is to begin next week

    Chivalry 2 is a first-person game inspired by the Middle Ages. When creating the main elements of the slasher, the developers were inspired by high-quality films that recreated the events of the famous era. The first part of Chivalry initially was not even an independent game, and yet it managed to impress many players. The lovers of such genres and fans of films about the Middle Ages are looking forward to the release of the sequel, which is already a work in progress. Confirmation of these claims is the release of the free beta version, which will be available from May 27. Those gamers who are already itching to play a new game will be glad to hear that testing is completely open for the public. This way, you can enjoy both the gameplay, which includes bloody battles, and the continuation of the plot about the kingdom of Agatha. The beta test will allow 64 players to play simultaneously, regardless of the platform they prefer. Thus, the game can be safel...

    20 may, 11:19

  • Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness anime by Netflix is set for a release in July

    Resident Evil has become Capcom's most influential media franchise and one of the most popular game series worldwide. The RE universe has existed for more than 25 years despite all the criticism, which ranged from total rejection to late recognition. The game has become so popular that it has already been adapted into films several times. The movies have got mixed reception. However, Netflix decided to repeat this experiment, but in a new way. The company announced work on the Resident Evil-themed anime project back in October 2020. But fans have got the release date and a trailer of the anime only a short while ago. Now you just need to wait for July 8th to enjoy the new anime series about your favorite game. The Netflix platform has revealed the plot of the animated series to the public, saying that it will not repeat the story of any part of the game but will create a new one. The events of the series are set in 2006 in the White House, struck by an unk...

    20 may, 00:45

  • The Division: Heartland Gameplay footage spreads online

    The Red Storm team announced the release of a new free shooter called The Division Heartland at the very beginning of the month. Beta tests have just started. Traditionally, people approved for the role of testers signed a non-disclosure agreement, which prevents you from revealing information about the game. Despite this, the video of gameplay appeared on the Internet. Ubisoft quickly dealt with the leak by removing the videos from Vimeo, but the users were faster. At the moment, low-quality footage is spreading on the web, especially inside gaming communities, at the speed of light. Before this event, players knew very little about the announced game. For this reason, someone was not interested in it, while someone was waiting for the release to experience something new. But thanks to the leak, users will be able to become more familiar with the game and its highlights even now. We know now that the game might appeal to fans of third-person shooters. It...

    18 may, 14:12

  • WoW: Burning Crusade Classic's possible release date leaked

    Back in February of this year, Blizzard announced the World of Warcraft update called "The Burning Crusade Classic." This version of the original expansion from 2007 has become the most anticipated event for fans of the game. However, the announcement did not mention when exactly we were going to get a new add-on. However, there was an information leak due to a Blizzard mistake yesterday, on the night of May 4th. The company accidentally published the release date of the update, which probably falls at the beginning of summer - on June 1. The developers instantly realized their mistake and almost immediately deleted the publication. But this did not stop the most avid WoW fans from taking screenshots and posting them online. The publication was available on the portal for a very short time. However, the small number of users who were lucky enough to see it did not manage to get directly into the post itself. This fact caused suspicions that the publicat...

    6 may, 07:07

  • New Monster Hunter Rise update arrives today

    Capcom continues to develop the Monster Hunter franchise. During yesterday's thematic online conference, the company announced new updates for Monster Hunter Rise, its latest game. The release of the first free update 2.0 will take place today. We will get a huge amount of new content in it. Many new monsters will appear in the game, including the powerful Elder Dragons and other Apex beasts. Also, the developers have added a certain number of in-game events. Fortunately, these quests do not require a constant internet connection - you only need to download them once. In addition, some of the in-game mechanics have been changed. Thus, players will now be able to hunt Apex monsters outside of specialized quests, as well as create tiered armor. Capcom also revealed some information about the next 3.0 update, which is expected in May. It looks like we will get an epilogue of the game's storyline in it, which suddenly ended at the most interesting place. It is worth n...

    28 april, 13:28

  • Fortnite adds Neymar Jr. as a skin

    Epic Games continues to expand the range of available Fortnite skins. Yesterday the company announced Neymar Jr., one of the most famous football players on the planet, coming into the battle royale. This Brazilian athlete currently plays for the Paris Saint-Germain F. C. According to a recent Twitter post, the Neymar skin will be playable starting today for all users with the Battle Pass. In addition to the skin itself, Fortnite will add a themed set of different emote and items. All this can be obtained after completing a series of thematic quests. “Shhh. Emote” is probably the most intriguing one because it transforms the skin into futuristic armor with the Brazilian flag colors. We do not know yet whether this transformation affects the player's combat characteristics. It is worth noting that Epic Games has previously added sports-themed items to the game. These include the "Air Punch" emote in Pele's fashion and skins resembling various sports clubs’ u...

    27 april, 22:17

  • Call of Duty: Warzone updated its Verdansk map

    The creators of this popular shooter are not yet ready to say goodbye to the city of Verdansk, replacing it with an exceptionally fresh map. Instead, they gave it a massive update that will bring gamers into 1984. Verdansk of that time would become the epicenter of the royal battle. You can watch the gameplay trailer below: Many changes have breathed life into the old and familiar map. Now even the intro sounds different in it. Besides, Verdansk now has some elements from the legendary Black Ops series. In addition to the design aspects, developers slightly modified the famous locations. For example, the city center will no longer be oversaturated with fighting, but it will still be tense. The scale of the airport and stadium was also changed. Do not assume that the update will not be able to fully become an alternative to completely new maps, as the developers have tried their best. In addition to improving the showiness and c...

    23 april, 21:08

  • Gran Turismo will be a part of the virtual Olympics

    The International Olympic Committee is launching the Cyber ​​Olympiad, which will consist of competitions in many sports games. Part of the competition will take place in the racing simulator Gran Turismo. The game gained popularity due to the simplified physical model and the presence of real car brands. A racing simulator for consoles, which has contributed to the development of the genre, will represent one of five disciplines, namely the International Automobile Federation (FIA). Four more disciplines of the Olympic Virtual Series will feature titles such as Zwift, eBaseball Powerful Pro Baseball 2020, and Virtual Regata. They will defend the interests of the International Cycling Union, the World Confederation of Baseball and Softball, the International Sailing Federation, and the International Rowing Federation, respectively. Committee thinks that such an experience will not only help attract new fans to the game but will help achieve the long-...

    23 april, 10:35

  • Days Gone creator reacted to fan petition about sequel

    Everyone already knows that Days Gone fans launched a petition on, which was able to take the lead in terms of the number of signatures on the platform. This is a testament to the game's appeal to thousands of gamers, who are eager to see Sony Interactive Entertainment approve the next installment. Even Jeff Ross, who is the director of the project, supported the petition. He gave his vote and encouraged everyone to follow his example. But what is the response from the writers to such an impressive request from the Days Gone fans? To put it mildly, the authors were not moved. On the contrary, they think the gamers themselves caused absence of the second part purchasing first one at a discount. On this occasion, the creative director of the game, John Garvin, gave an interview in which he frankly admitted that he was somewhat enraged by lovers of freebies. John is annoyed that gamers do not understand how the gaming business segment works. He beli...

    20 april, 22:39

  • Now you can get ΔV: Rings of Saturn for free

     Space simulator ΔV: Rings of Saturn, released in 2018 by Kodera Software studio, has received many positive reviews over three years. Gamers became interested in a science fiction game and eagerly set about mining minerals from the Saturn rings. It should be noted that the high popularity of the simulator is caused by its realism since all the laws of physics were taken into account in the game design. After collecting a certain number of fans, the developer company made them a tempting offer. Now they can get the game for free!   What's the catch?   Space and science enthusiasts will like such a gift. But we all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. What is the dark side of this action?   Players are provided with a complete simulator version with all its details. However, this is a kind of demo. Thus, you can enjoy ΔV: Rings of Saturn, but if you want to download the accumulated experie...

    16 april, 10:34

  • New Rainbow Six game video leaked

    Another Rainbow Six Parasite gameplay trailer was leaked online today. It is an upcoming game by Ubisoft that inherits much of Rainbow Six: Siege, the popular product in the series. This isn't the first trailer to leak onto the Internet. Earlier, we received three videos over the past two months. The first was a video clip, a few seconds long, followed by a couple of screenshots. Then, in March, one of the testers leaked about an hour of the game walkthrough, tutorial mostly. The latest leak is shorter (just a few minutes), mostly consisting of pure action. In the video, Ela, an operative from R6S, tries to lead her comrade into the evacuation zone. From the previous leak, we understood that the main characters are at war with alien monsters. At the same time, their main task is to quietly collect information from enemy locations and then evacuate without a trace. If someone is left behind, you can return for him later and fight him b...

    5 april, 23:52

  • PUBG Lite shuts down

    PUBG Lite is a free version of the famous battle royale that has reduced system requirements. The game was created for users whose computers cannot handle the heavy graphics of the main PUBG. A separate development team has been working on Lite for two years now. Also, the game has servers separated from the original edition. That is why the players of the two versions can't cross their paths. The game has simplified graphics and interface but is generally the same as the original product. It makes PUBG Lite the perfect option for multiplayer fans with weak machines. But, unfortunately, it will cease to exist soon. The closure was announced on the game's website by its publisher. The statement says the game is unavailable for download since today. Its servers are still running, but they are to shut down on April 29th too. The developers did not explain the reasons for the product's canceling, so we can only guess what happened. At least the main version...

    1 april, 23:04

  • Amnesia: Rebirth gets a monster-free modification

    Frictional Games, the developer of Amnesia: Rebirth, announced the game is about to receive an unusual update. The new Adventure Mode completely removes monsters and horror from the game. This way, the player can fully focus on the plot and gameplay. The mod not only removes the monsters but also adds many other innovations. For example, there will be a lot more puzzles and quests in each location. Also, the developers have worked on the lighting to remove the depressing atmosphere. In this mode, the game looks more like an Indiana Jones-style adventure than a horror game. According to Fredrik Olsson, the product’s creative leader, this could attract more fans for the franchise. Previously, the studio released Safe Mode for SOMA, its previous game, in a similar way. It gave the players, which hadn't liked the original version, a way to enjoy the game. Therefore, the developers hope that Adventure Mode will be able to expand the product's audience as well....

    31 march, 22:39

  • New Call of Duty: Vanguard will be released this year

    According to new information from Modern Warzone and Eurogamer, we will receive a new Call of Duty series game in 2021. The Sledgehammer studio, which gave us CoD: WW2 before, develops this new product. According to sources, the game will be called "Call of Duty: Vanguard". Its events will take place during World War II, like the previous Sledgehammer's product. Earlier reports stated that the setting will focus on an alternate universe, where the war is still ongoing. But famous Eurogamer magazine denied this information not so long ago - the in-game war will be historically accurate. The last report also cleared the doubts about the game's name, because previously Vanguard was considered only a working title. But the message from Eurogamer has confirmed that it won't change once the product is released to the market. Activision announced the release of the new Call of Duty at the last year's Q4 conference. Now there is every reason to believe that...

    27 march, 12:30

  • New Hitman 3 expansion reveals Agent 47's dark side

    IO Interactive is famous for being a developer studio that loves experimentation. Another manifestation of such creativity will be their "Seven Deadly Sins" expansion for the Hitman 3 game. It allows us to see the "sinful" manifestation of the usually calm Agent 47. The update will be divided into seven parts, with the first one focusing on Greed. Its main feature is the ability to keep part of the accumulated items when moving between stages. Players will also receive several new items, such as a golden suit or a stylish cane. Also, the release of Seven Deadly Sins starts a series of in-game events called Seasons of Sins. Each chapter will spawn for 4-6 weeks. Each season will contain many exclusive assassination contracts, missions, and more. Credits: IO Interactive The update is worth a look because you rarely get the opportunity to witness a completely new side of the favorite character, and the Seven Deadly Sins offer just...

    25 march, 23:13

  • Serious Sam 2 gets a first update in a 15 years

    Video games are an extremely fast-growing form of entertainment, where many products are gaining and losing popularity just as quickly. However, sometimes developers still think about their old creations, with the recent update of Serious Sam 2 being a perfect example. The classic shooter, which turns 16 in October, will now have a wide variety of new features. Among the main ones are 12 new locations and two types of weapons (a flamethrower and the Beam Gun that did not reach the original release). The gameplay also received changes, namely the introduction of dual-wielding and a rocket pack. Now the player can fly in the air and destroy all living things with two flamethrowers at the same time - what else do you need? Less significant innovations lay in the area of ​​the overall design. They are mainly adapting the UI to modern displays and their resolutions or fixing some minor bugs. According to Nathan Brown, the main creator of the update, he worked on it...

    24 march, 22:31

  • Amnesia games are now open-source

    Developer Frictional Games announced the publication of the famous horror games Amnesia: Dark Descent and A Machine for Pigs into open source. In honor of the 10th anniversary of the release of the first game in the series, the company has published the source code of the games, so that users can freely create various modifications to games and maintain their "lifecycle". Studio director Thomas Grip notes that more than a thousand fan modifications have been created for the Amnesia games on various sites. In response to such strong fun support, the company decided to give the creators a “gift” of the games’ source code. Now fans will be able to modify the game code in any way they like, create in-game mods or independent separate programs. Under the GPL 3 license, such products even may be distributed commercially, but only if the source code is open just like in original games. This innovation will be useful both for creative fans and for the company itself because the tr...

    24 september, 13:21

  • Sony anounces PlayStation 5 Showcase

    Sony is going to host an online showcase of the PlayStation 5, using its website, on September 16th. At the presentation, we will learn new details about the future console, which probably includes its cost and the release date.   In its blog, where the statement was published, the company does not disclose the exact details of what will be at the presentation - only vague phrases about "game updates from our main partners" and so on. However, there is every reason to believe that we will finally find out the cost of the new PlayStation 5 consoles - the regular version and the Digital Edition, as well as their release date. Microsoft previously did just that with its next-gen Xbox Series S and Series X consoles.   While there hasn't been any information about pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 yet, Sony is likely to launch them shortly after the release date and price announcement. If we do get this information on Wednesday, players will be able to order the console even...

    18 september, 15:50

  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake is announced

    During the Ubisoft Forward conference, the developers announced a remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the legendary action game. The release is scheduled for January 11, 2021.   Information about a possible remake has leaked a little earlier than the official release - the day before the conference, a video appeared in the Russian version of the Uplay store in which the old game received a new look. Then the Persian symbols were found in the Ubisoft Forward ad, and finally, at the conference itself, the company confirmed the fan's guess and announced the remake’s release. According to them, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake is not a reboot or a remaster. The developers did not touch the level design, the general plot, and other details familiar to many since childhood - precisely in order to preserve nostalgia for those people, but on the other hand, they completely re-recorded all in-game dialogues, reworked the combat system, and updated the character m...

    13 september, 01:19


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